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Isn't it my own swate silf now that'll missure the six fut, and the three inches more nor that, in me stockins, and that am excadingly will proportioned all over to match?
He was only fut for a pugsty, an' a dom puir apology for thot same."
An' thot mate-fellow untendun' tull report me tull the Board o' Trade, only for thot he saw fut tull be sliced un two pieces on the steam-pipe cover.
"'I dudna see no lighter,' says I, and wuth thot I steps on hus fut guid an' hard.
"Ye can apollygise to riff-raff of the streets for settin' yer unhandy feet on the tails of their frocks, but ye'd walk on the neck of yer wife the length of a clothes-line without so much as a 'Kiss me fut,' and I'm sure it's that long from rubberin' out the windy for ye and the victuals cold such as there's money to buy after drinkin' up yer wages at Gallegher's every Saturday evenin', and the gas man here twice to-day for his."
It was in old French, and ran somewhat in this way: Or avant, entre nous tous freres Battons nos charognes bien fort En remembrant la grant misere De Dieu et sa piteuse mort Qui fut pris en la gent amere Et vendus et trais a tort Et bastu sa chair, vierge et dere Au nom de ce battons plus fort.
"We're not drawin' twenty-five fut off Fire Island in a fog.
Il fut couvert par une douzaine de journaux, dont trois paraissant en mUu[c]tropole, Le Figaro, Le petit parisien et Le petit marseillais.
Le reseau national d'electricite fut accable par des pertes de tensions a cause du blocage desdites centrales au moment oE la consommation s'aggrave a cause des hautes temperatures.
La mesure precedant l'accord concernant King's Lynn fut une joint venture avec la societe hongroise Globus pour racheter Elsner, un industriel polonais de la transformation.
Leading the way was the September PHI to CHI contract (FUT.VPC201909), which was up nearly 3% to $0.932 followed closely by the September CHI to ATL contract (FUT.VCA201909), which closed up 2.6% to $2.022.