future shock

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future shock

A condition of distress and disorientation brought on by the inability to cope with rapid societal and technological change.

[After the book Future Shock by Alvin Toffler (born 1928) .]

fu′ture shock`

physical and psychological disturbance caused by a person's inability to cope with rapid social and technological change.
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The first future shock named 'grim reaping' calculates a scenario where the world's current vulnerable food systems are affected by the various disruptors such as extreme weather, political instability, or crop diseases, which would result in a blow to the world's current food output.
To survive, to avert what we have termed future shock (a state of distress or disorientation due to rapid social or technological change), the individual must become infinitely more adaptable and capable than ever before.
In the second book in the Future Shock trilogy, Elena, Adam, and Chris are once again sent into the future by Aether Corporation without all the information they need.
Synopsis: "Coda" chronicles the life, and after-life, of the last human left alive, in both flashback and future shock, after the apocalypse of the millennium, where timeless, masculinist aggression, and blindness, predictably destroy all life on Earth.
Several key strategic challenges are combining to create a chronic form of future shock in those of us that are experiencing these rapid and at times chaotic changes in United States radiology.
In Future Shock, I wrote about the acceleration of change, about different cultures' perceptions of time and the different paces of life, all of them being time phenomena.
Those of us who do not adapt to swift transition of knowledge might suffer the fate of clinical dinosaurs, as the massive asteroid of neuroscientific advances smashes into the placid landscape of psychiatry As Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock, proposed, the illiterates of the future will not be the people who cannot read or write.
Success'' is the driver of life in the fast lane: If you think people's brains are on overload now, just wait until the future shock sets in.
In the 1970 book Future Shock, Alvin Toffler popularized a term for the disorientation that people suffer when they can't cope with the pace of change around them.
Samels, Future Shock columnists, are authors of The Sustainable University (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012).
Radio Navigation Simulator (RNS) app lets you experience the future shock of practicing VOR and ADF navigation on your iPad .
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