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Having no prospect or hope of success in one's future.

fu′ture·less·ness n.
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the state or quality of being futureless
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And my pivoting away from a hermeneutics of trauma, rememory, and primordial authenticity, toward a reading more alert to rupture, lack of resolution, and even futurelessness, certainly stands as one way of accounting for the power of Jones's novel.
I've never had nothing to do before." For both of us it was a moment of epiphany, and nothing more needed to be said; we suddenly understood the concrete meaning of the futurelessness of death.
Conversely, Saro-Wiwa does not endorse her descriptions with omens of futurelessness, thus resisting Afro-pessimistic or dystopian analyses of the country, and specifically Lagos, as a metonymy of Nigeria.
It may well be, in fact, that the practice of the humanities and the crisis of the humanities are one and the same thing: that the humanities comprise those forms of knowledge that thrive not despite but because they place themselves in question, not despite but because they are acutely aware of the possibility of their own impossibility, not despite but because they can foresee their own finitude and futurelessness. The crisis of the humanities, the movement by which it questions its very possibility, would not then be antithetical to its survival; it would be the very heartbeat of the humanities, the mode in which it survives, to the extent that it survives at all.
He had just had a wonderful idea about how to cope with the terrible lonely isolation, the nightmares, the failure of all his attempts at horticulture, and the sheer futurelessness and futility of his life here on prehistoric Earth, which was that he would go mad.
And with the end of her dreams of a united family comes a sense of futurelessness in this cityscape.
Standing against futurelessness: the Church rescuing the futures of us all?