futures market

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Noun1.futures market - a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded
commodities exchange, commodities market, commodity exchange - an exchange for buying and selling commodities for future delivery
marché de contrats à terme
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Park (2004), "Futures Trading, Spot Market Volatility, and Market Efficiency: The Case of the Korean Index Futures Market", The Journal of Futures Market, Vol.
We examine monthly trading volume and volatility estimates of the OTC market and the futures market for the Canadian Dollar over the period January 1998 to September 2005.
The futures market could provide a credible risk mechanism within the plastics supply chain that would benefit both producers and consumers of polyolefins.
com's political futures market have bet about $500 million on Bush and Kerry's chances, a company official said.
Man Financial holds memberships on major securities and future exchanges worldwide--like the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)--and its agricultural teams cover the soft commodity futures market in Europe and New York as well as grain and livestock futures markets in Chicago.
Poindexter became the focus of a fiery congressional brouhaha when his bizarre plans to launch a futures market trading in speculation on terror and assassination came to light during the last week of July.
If it's not the London Stock Exchange's dealing system breaking down for eight hours last year on the busiest day in the City calendar, it's little hiccups in the futures market.
With the latter it was also necessary to be trained in trading in foreign currency because, at the time, crude rubber was traded in British pounds sterling and it was necessary to trade both in the futures market and in the pounds sterling futures.
The company could freeze its health-care costs for the upcoming year by hedging its position in the futures market.
Even well-heeled investors who bet the wrongway on a dramatically shifting futures market might have trouble meeting their margin calls.
In the past year, although the transaction volume in China's commodity futures market experienced varying degrees of decline, the stock index futures market, which has operated for a full year, has entered an era in which institutions are the main investors.