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adj. fuzz·i·er, fuzz·i·est
1. Covered with fuzz.
2. Of or resembling fuzz.
3. Not clear; indistinct: a fuzzy recollection of past events.
4. Not coherent; confused: a fuzzy plan of action.

[Perhaps from Low German fussig, spongy; see pū̆- in Indo-European roots.]

fuzz′i·ly adv.
fuzz′i·ness n.
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بِغُموض، بِصورةٍ مُبْهَمَه
á óskÿran hátt
bulanık/donuk bir şekilde


[ˈfʌzɪlɪ] ADV
1. (= hazily) → borrosamente
2. (= confusedly) → confusamente
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advverschwommen; fuzzily wordedunklar formuliert
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[ˈfʌzɪlɪ] advconfusamente
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(faz) noun
a mass of soft, light material such as fine light hair etc. The peaches were covered with fuzz.
ˈfuzzy adjective
1. covered with fuzz. fuzzy material.
2. indistinct; blurred; not clear. The television picture was fuzzy.
ˈfuzzily adverb
ˈfuzziness noun
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Koozin Crick Corby Sullivan At once tediously predictable and fuzzily focused, "Late: A Cowboy Song" likely will do little to further boost the rising stock of Susan Smith Blackburn Prizewinning playwright Sarah Ruhl ("The Clean House").
Argan Alain Pralon Toinette Muriel Mayette Beline Catherine Sauval Cleante Eric Ruf Monsieur Diafoirus, Monsieur Purgon Christian Blanc Beralde Alain Lenglet Thomas Diafoirus Nicolas Lormeau Monsieur Bonnefoy Monsieur Fleurat Christian Gonon Angelique Julie Sicard Louison Alma Vincey/ Penelope Cellier High-styled frivolity and graceful declamation are not what the doctor ordered at the Comedie-Francaise's macabre but intriguing new production of "The Imaginary Invalid," as Moliere's "Le Malade Imaginaire" is somewhat fuzzily denoted in English.
The fuzzily named Wuzza Conlon toplines to memorable effect as Charlie, a classic no-hoper who coasts on charm and cares more about getting high than getting ahead.
As the energetic youngest son, Dumontier makes a strong impression, and the supporting roles of the gaz bar's regular slackers are well cast, if fuzzily written.
The daily grind of conscripted soldiers undergoing basic training is a pretty universal theme, as this no-budget, fuzzily photographed, black-and-white Iranian pic vividly testifies.
*** Julie & Julia (12A) Nora Ephron's fuzzily warm true life comedy with Meryl Streep's celebrity chef finding her calling in 50s France and wannabe writer Amy Adams spending 2002 cooking her way through the French Cookery bestseller.
Due to fuzzily explained political upheavals, the hole suddenly has become appreciably more hellish, and Joe wants to get his wife out of harm's way.
"I sing without hope on the boundary," says Daniel Evans, in one of many remarkable phrases, just as the insidiously disturbing assertion "All I know is snow" is in turn accompanied by projections of a place (a mind?) turned fuzzily to snow.
Aside from N.J.'s wife, who remains fuzzily defined, the movie is full of sharply drawn smaller characters and richly drawn major roles, any of which could have launched movies of their own.
Theatrical prospects are zilch, though fuzzily defined supernatural elements might be exploited to good effect on homevid packaging.
And its heroine is played by Angela Goethals, a vibrant young actress who imparts wondrous emotional truth to a fuzzily conceived character.
*** Julie & Julia (12A) Nora Ephron's fuzzily warm self-discovery true life comedy with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.