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An area at the tip of southern Africa that is covered by a growth of evergreen shrubs, especially of the families Proteaceae and Ericaceae. It is characterized by nutrient-poor soil, frequent fires, high species diversity, and a large number of endemic species.

[Afrikaans, scrubland having no trees with thick trunks : fyn, slender, gracile (from Middle Dutch fijn, from Old French fin; see fine1) + bos, woods, forest, bush land (from Middle Dutch bosch; akin to Middle English bush; see bush).]
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(Botany) a type of vegetation unique to the Mediterranean-climate region of southern and southwestern South Africa, characterized by evergreen hard-leaved shrubs and almost no trees
[Afrikaans: fine bush]
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As most local craft gin distilleries are based in the Western Cape, Beyers Chocolates was inspired by their use of fynbos botanicals to craft their unique gins.
Nineveh cannot escape an interspecies contest that pervades Cape Town and its highly biodiverse Cape Floristic Region (colloquially known after its fynbos vegetation).
Fire modeling in South African fynbos (macchia) vegetation and predictions from Rothermels fire model.
Representing an area of recently burnt fynbos, bright bulbs, seedlings and resprouting plants could be seen among the blackened remains of older vegetation.
Commercial rooibos producers report that tea yields decline over time following the initial clearing of the natural fynbos veld.
To complement the food on offer in this area, you can walk down to the fabulously inventive Woodstock Gin Company for fynbos infusions.
The top of Table Mountain features indigenous fynbos vegetation - such as heathers or as South Africans call them, ericas, and the emblemic protea - with a greater number of species in just that one place than grows in the entire British Isles.
Andy Kershaw works as a winemaker at Denbies for 11 months of the year -- but the first month he spends in South Africa making wines on the Fynbos Estate, north of Cape Town.
Similar to rooibos, which also originates from the South African fynbos area, the honey bush shrub does not prosper in any other territories, and to date is exclusively grown in its native surroundings in the Cape area.
Results of molecular-based detection of Emergomyces africanus in 60 soil samples, by province and type of soil habitat, South Africa * Soil habitat Western Cape Eastern Cape Gauteng KwaZulu-Natal Garden 6/30 0/2 1/4 - Agricultural 3/5 - - - Compost 3/5 - - - Disturbed 1/2 0/2 - 0/1 Fynbos 1/2 - - - Veld 1/1 0/1 - - Rotting tree 1/1 - - - Unknown 1/3 - - - Total 17/49 0/4 1/4 0/1 Soil habitat Northern Cape Total Garden - 7/36 Agricultural - 3/5 Compost - 3/5 Disturbed - 2/5 Fynbos - 1/2 Veld 0/1 1/3 Rotting tree - 1/1 Unknown - 1/3 Total 0/1 18/60 * Data represent number of samples in which Es.