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 (gä-bī′, gä′bī′, gə-bī′)
n. gab·ba·im (gä-bä-ēm′, gä-bī′ĭm) or gab·bais
A person who assists in the running of a synagogue or its religious services, especially the reading of the Torah.

[Medieval Hebrew gabbay, synagogue treasurer, gabbai, from Mishnaic Hebrew, tax collector, local official, from gābā, to collect, from Aramaic gəbā, gəbi, to collect; see gbʔ in Semitic roots.]
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Labor leader, Avi Gabbai, who merely uses the Israeli right terms, saying that "The United Jerusalem is more important than any political settlement even the peace process with the Palestinians, adding that the longing for the unification of Jerusalem brings together all Israelis.
The awards are the world's first and only accolades dedicated exclusively to luxury boutique properties, providing a global arena in which hotels can showcase their unique excellence, according to Edward Gabbai, director and founder of the World Boutique Hotel Awards.
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In 1657, Gabbai sent his son Abraham, who had worked in the Livorno press, with much of their typographical equipment to Izmir to establish a Hebrew print shop, the first in that city.
Alberto Gabbai, CEO of Cezanne HR, comments: “The demand for agile, affordable HR systems that help businesses manage their people better is growing fast - and e-learning solutions are an increasingly important part of the mix.
He has been active in several synagogues as a Torah reader, teacher, and gabbai.
Rebecca Gabbai, SOSA brand executive said: "It is important to understand that 'modern gastronomy' is not a trend, it is an evolution of the art of cooking- like everything else in the world including mankind, the weather and baking- advances in science can only teach us new techniques, give us more choices and open our minds to possibilities.
For additional information on how the decisionmaking process on Iran might proceed under Prime Minister Netanyahu, see a transcript of an interview with the former director-general of Netanyahu's office in Dovid Efune, "On Iran and Obama, How Bibi will Decide--Exclusive Interview with Eyal Gabbai, Part 1" The Algemeiner, March 5, 2012.