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 (găb) Slang
intr.v. gabbed, gab·bing, gabs
To talk idly or incessantly, as about trivial matters.
Idle talk; chatter.

[Middle English gabben, to scoff, speak foolishly, from Old Norse gabba, to scoff, perhaps of imitative origin or akin to gapa, to gape.]

gab′ber n.
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For Tunity, a $12 million infusion in February 2018 from MGM Resorts International ; WeWork co-founder/CEO Adam Neumann ; and Pequot Capital Chairman John Mack helped to propel the company some four years after its founding by Tel Aviv-based Adi Gabber and New York partner Yaniv Davidson.
She started out in the late '90s in her home city of Edinburgh, playing on pirate radio stations and at raves - with a sound of tough techno splintered by rapid-fire bursts of gabber, hardcore and breaks, inspired by the pioneers of Detroit and Chicago as much as the ferocious appetite of the Scottish crowd for harder, faster beats.
Reiterating his promise to bring in the one-tax regime, he said: "Within six months of forming the government, we will replace PM Modi's 'Gabber Singh Tax' (GST) with a 'real GST'.
A good gabber is what life's all about, so I don't understand selfservice tills at the supermarket or the airport.
Although Gabber wavelet, LBP are also used for feature extraction methods but they are time-consuming and dimensions increased significantly.
The Minister was also briefed about pace and progress of work on Kanjo fly over, Matta Swat Road, Gujar Gabral Road, Chakdara Kalam Road, Chapper Pal Road, Gabber Jaba Road.
'During all these months, the NIA has been acting like notorious character Gabber Singh and this agency has so far not only arrested many resistance leaders and businessmen but also ruined business and careers of many people,' he deplored.
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During these years, he produced hard-core and gabber tracks under such aliases as Da Joker and DJ Limited.
JAY GABBER T: Best stay out my car then incase I get nicked for driving through puddles...
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