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 (găb) Slang
intr.v. gabbed, gab·bing, gabs
To talk idly or incessantly, as about trivial matters.
Idle talk; chatter.

[Middle English gabben, to scoff, speak foolishly, from Old Norse gabba, to scoff, perhaps of imitative origin or akin to gapa, to gape.]

gab′ber n.
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During all these months, the NIA has been acting like notorious character Gabber Singh and this agency has so far not only arrested many resistance leaders and businessmen but also ruined business and careers of many people,' he deplored.
Contract Award for: Construction of additional class room of i) Gabber Para Primary School (rural) Including Furniture Supply
During these years, he produced hard-core and gabber tracks under such aliases as Da Joker and DJ Limited.
JAY GABBER T: Best stay out my car then incase I get nicked for driving through puddles.
Auw-Haedrich C, Agranai M, Gabber T, Meyer P, Arnold N, Reinhard T.
For event listings, reach for the tabloid called Gabber, or Womyn's Words, said to be the oldest gay publication in Florida, and be sure to sign up online to ProSuzy List (prosuzy.
Dr Walter Gabber, Vice President Terminal Management & Medical Director of Frankfurt International Airport, Germany
For her 15th birthday, she went to Holland for the first time and was instantly drawn to the gabber girls with their razor undercuts and baggy pants.
NBC has already been airing special promos for the Leno gabber every night at 10 o'clock in order to get viewers used to the host's new timeslot.
But if you've ever seen a gabber with a handheld phone merge into traffic -- or tried to navigate your way through a crowded parking lot with one of these drivers -- you know just how perilous they can be.
And when Ed desperately attempts to reach Doris through a medium, he finds this woman "reading [him] like a book": "She was a phony; just another gabber.