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A tax, especially the salt tax imposed in France before 1790.

[Middle English gabel, from Old French, from Old Italian gabella, from Arabic qabāla, tribute, from qabila, to receive; see qbl in Semitic roots.]


(Historical Terms) French history a salt tax levied until 1790
[C15: from Old Italian gabella, from Arabic qabālah tribute, from qabala he received]
gaˈbelled adj



a tax on salt levied in France, abolished in 1790.
[1375–1425; Middle English < Middle French < Arabic qabālah tax, receipt]
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Monsieur Gabelle was the Postmaster, and some other taxing functionary united; he had come out with great obsequiousness to assist at this examination, and had held the examined by the drapery of his arm in an official manner.
Lay hands on this stranger if he seeks to lodge in your village to-night, and be sure that his business is honest, Gabelle.
If they were merely resisters of the gabelle or some kindred absurdity I would try to protect them from capture; but when men murder a person of high degree and likewise burn his house, that is another matter.
On the other hand, their common folk are so crushed down with gabelle, and poll-tax, and every manner of cursed tallage, that the spirit has passed right out of them.
Clearly, tax avoidance was common back then also, because people avoided the tax by hanging plain wallpaper and then painting patterns on the walls; | salt has been a popular area in which to raise taxes, probably because it is a necessity, with the French gabelle tax being a contributing factor in the French revolution; | the Window Tax of 1696 was arguably a precursor to the proposed mansion tax, as it focused on wealthier people with larger homes; | in certain states in America Christmas decorations are subject to tax, clearly demonstrating a Scroogelike mentality; | Sweden has imposed a tax on new-borns being given an original name not already in use
Se non aintro perche essi ignoravano totalmente le vicende storiche che, stratificandovisi, avevano profondamente condizionato, prima, i rapporti tra questa comunita e lo Stato, percepito quasi esclusivamente come mero percettore di tasse e gabelle o come arruolatore di giovani per le Forze Armate e, poi, quelli tra gli stessi individui all'interno della comunita, costretti a fare continuamente i conti con una cromca carenza strutturale e funzionale delle istituzioni ai vari livelli e nei piu diversi settori.
The 24-year-old French pro led his team featuring amateurs Steve Caygill, Simon Gabelle and Pierre Jean Paumard to a medal score of -23, which secured victory in the traditional curtain-raiser to the long-standing Commercial Bank Qatar Masters.
Expert Paul Brammall, of Gabelle Tax, said: "If a husband gives his half of a buy-to-let property to his wife then the wife becomes responsible for all the tax on the rent.
la costituzione abolisce tutte le gabelle e i dazi imposti nei 25 anni precedenti, a meno che essi non siano stati stabiliti <<civitatum et aliarum terrarum communicato generali consilio, et habito consilio maioris partis, et consensu ad bussulas et pallutias .
He also supported the elimination of the taille land tax on the peasantry and non-nobles and indirect taxes like the gabelle national salt tax (Baudeau 1763: 146).
The Nguyen dynasty had established monopolies on goods such as peacock feathers and areca nuts, in China there was a tax on alcohol from the Song dynasty until the last days of the Kuomintang, and, even in France, the much hated salt monopoly, the gabelle, was only abolished in 1945.
The gabelle of Siena document nine private purchases of properties by the pope or his relatives, most of which seem to have been made in preparation for constructing the Palazzo Piccolomini.