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n. Slang
1. An informal gathering or session for the exchange of news, opinions, and gossip.
2. A long, lively conversation or discussion.


1. prolonged gossiping or conversation
2. an informal gathering for conversation
[C19: from gab1 + fest]



n. Informal.
1. a gathering at which there is a great deal of conversation.
2. a long conversation.
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Noun1.gabfest - light informal conversation for social occasionsgabfest - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
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Even though we have more than 200 speakers (the most ever) confirmed for our fifth-annual politics-and-policy gabfest on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, choose your preferred cliche: the best is yet to come, you ain't seen nothing yet, etc.
Once it's clear the gabfest has gone belly up, she'll find another crew to talk to.
The show announced Monday that O'Donnell will be a guest on the daytime gabfest on Feb.
Focusing on green research and development might not feel as good as participating in a global gabfest with flashlights and good intentions, but it is a much brighter idea.
The current US President gave no indication of second thoughts about the appearance despite criticism that the he was blowing off international diplomacy in order to take part in the often-fluffy daytime gabfest.
who chaired a Senate gabfest on the subject, semi-coherently expressed his sense of urgency: "The increase in media conglomerates has resulted in an increase in agenda-driven reporting and over time, if those of us who value a diversity of opinion and ideas, and are unafraid to be confronted with pointed commentary and analysis, do not act, it is a situation which will only get worse.
We've often walked to the stadium to join friends for a game and a gabfest.
Mr Wood-Smith goes further than those who point to Ben Bernanke's upbeat messages from the central bankers' annual gabfest at Jackson Hole and the better than expected improvement in the US housing market.
Fab Five Freddy, who helped uptown spin into downtown (and vice versa) guested with the Heads on Glenn O'Brien's black and white cable gabfest, TV Party, and we'd all dance all night in the new downtown clubs sprung up in recent no-go areas.
We shared impressions, reactions and guesses about succession in a 10-minute gabfest that was emblematic of hundreds of others going on that afternoon in Denver.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine a gabfest about health insurance benefits.