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1. A cylindrical wicker basket filled with earth and stones, formerly used in building fortifications.
2. A metal cage filled with rocks, used in constructing dams, embankments, and other structures.

[French, from Italian gabbione, augmentative of gabbia, cage, from Latin cavea.]
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1. (Civil Engineering) a cylindrical metal container filled with stones, used in the construction of underwater foundations
2. (Fortifications) a wickerwork basket filled with stones or earth, used (esp formerly) as part of a fortification
[C16: from French: basket, from Italian gabbione, from gabbia cage, from Latin cavea; see cage]
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(ˈgeɪ bi ən)

a metal cylinder filled with stones and sunk in water, used in laying the foundations of a dam or jetty.
[1570–80; < Middle French: basket < Italian gabbione, augmentative of gabbia cage < Latin cavea]
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By the side of each of these batteries other workmen were strengthening gabions filled with earth, the lining of another battery.
In addition, the minister got acquinted with mud flow canal cleaning located in the Jany-Dyikan village and inspected shore protection works in Turk-abad village where 150 gabion nets were installed on the left bank of the Changet-Sai river.
It included the construction of a 550-lineal meter gabion revetment and rubble concrete along the Ingalera River.
Until the new filtration station is completed, he said, the authorities will build a temporary gabion wall - a structure that is capable of filtering dirty water.
In an interview with BOPA, senior forestry and range resource officer, Mr Joseph Seema explained that there are however some ways to combat soil erosion such as the construction of gabion control structure as well as planting cactus plants.
During the current fiscal year, 75 mini dams and 110 ponds were under completion in the Potohar region in addition to 60 spillways, 70 outlets, 100 retaining walls and 35 gabion spurs that were under construction to control soil erosion.
A council report said the new sea wall and gabion baskets should have been installed by December 30 last year after concerns were raised that the existing wall was in danger of collapsing.
Mr and Mrs Turner, |variation of condition 2 on previous permission for demolition, alterations and extension of existing barns to form two houses, building of two detached garages and construction of a gabion wall (listed building), North Lodge, Cote Lane, Fixby.
Every year it will be spending for the implementation of this plan in the country significant sums on Iran, Such as construction of gabion and delay dams.
237990 Concrete seawall, wave protection, construction; Concrete earth retention system construction; Concrete gabion construction, Concrete retaining walls, anchored (e.g., with piles, soil nails, tieback anchors), construction