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1. A cylindrical wicker basket filled with earth and stones, formerly used in building fortifications.
2. A metal cage filled with rocks, used in constructing dams, embankments, and other structures.

[French, from Italian gabbione, augmentative of gabbia, cage, from Latin cavea.]


1. (Civil Engineering) a cylindrical metal container filled with stones, used in the construction of underwater foundations
2. (Fortifications) a wickerwork basket filled with stones or earth, used (esp formerly) as part of a fortification
[C16: from French: basket, from Italian gabbione, from gabbia cage, from Latin cavea; see cage]


(ˈgeɪ bi ən)

a metal cylinder filled with stones and sunk in water, used in laying the foundations of a dam or jetty.
[1570–80; < Middle French: basket < Italian gabbione, augmentative of gabbia cage < Latin cavea]
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Sack Gabion And Gabion Boxes At Subansiri Lower He Project, Nhpc Limited
A Turner, discharge of conditons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and |10 on previous permission for listed building consent for demolition, alterations and extension of existing barns to form two houses, building of two detached garage and construction of gabion wall, North Lodge, Cote Lane, Fixby.
Every year it will be spending for the implementation of this plan in the country significant sums on Iran, Such as construction of gabion and delay dams.
237990 Concrete seawall, wave protection, construction; Concrete earth retention system construction; Concrete gabion construction, Concrete retaining walls, anchored (e.
The press release further added that the Political Administration also completed the construction of gabion walls in Alishari, Bughaki, Amalkot and Ramaki Kaley for the protection of electric poles in Shaheedabad, Shablan, Mishri, and Kirman and a boundary wall around the Government High School in Pewar.
The most radical aspect of the scheme was the treatment of the building exterior as a massive rock face made from gabion cages filled with stones and implanted with seeds that would eventually bloom into a spectacular vertical garden.
The sculpture is made of a tree that grows through a six-feet high gabion basket, filled with stones roughly the size of a human head.
It aims to capture the essence of the seaside town in its heyday with features such as a curved hull facade, beach hut pop-ups to the roof profile, ice cream cone columns, stone gabion walls and a glass canopy etched with seaside motifs.
And since then, the demand for gravel products--from standard sand products all the way up to 6- to 12-inch gabion rock--hasn't wavered.
Sometimes we would just go for a walk in the woods, see an eroded area and build another small gabion ourselves in ten or fifteen minutes," Valer says.
Const of Agusan River Flood Control, OsmeEa Sect along Montevista-Compostela-New Bataan-Maragusan-Mati Bdry Road, Sect 1 Const of Gabion Sta.