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1. Architecture A band of convex molding carved with ornamental beading or reeding.
2. An ornamental band, used especially in silverwork, embellished with fluting, reeding, or another continuous pattern.

[Early Modern English gooderoon, gaudron, from French godron, from Middle French, from Old French goderon : god- in godet, drinking vessel without a base or handle (such vessels being frequently ornamented with gadroons in medieval times; from Middle Dutch kodde, cudgel, staff, cylindrical piece of wood; akin to Frisian kudde, cudgel) + -eron, diminutive suffix (from Old French -ier, -er, noun suffix, from Latin -ārius, noun suffix + Old French -on, diminutive suffix, from Latin -ō, -ōn-, hypocoristic suffix).]

ga·drooned′ adj.
ga·droon′ing n.
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(ɡəˈdruːn) or


1. (Antiques) a moulding composed of a series of convex flutes and curves joined to form a decorative pattern, used esp as an edge to silver articles
2. (Architecture) architect a carved ornamental moulding having a convex cross section
[C18: from French godron, perhaps from Old French godet cup, goblet, drinking vessel]
gaˈdrooned, goˈdrooned adj
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1. an elaborately carved or indented convex molding.
2. a series of curved, inverted flutings, or of convex and concave flutings, used esp. as a decorative edging on articles of silver, earthenware, wood, etc.
[1715–25; < French godron, Middle French goderon]
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For a refined esthetic finish, the cap features a gadroon flush to the glass jar, said the company.
Raised on three paw feet, the flower bud knop rises from a moulded gadroon border, its shape inspired by models produced at both St Cloud and Rouen.
The "Gadroon" motif so prevalent in Georgian silver is obviously derived from a rope, the "Shell" motif found in George III items and later is also derived from the seatosay nothing of the "Dolphin"
The silverplated cocktail line features a gadroon decoration of concentric circles that plays up the contrasts between smooth and grooved surfaces.
With its hefty price tag, the piece is described as a George III silver two- handled oval soup tureen with gadroon and leaf decoration, made by William Tuite of London in 1763.
The dishes feature a shaped gadroon border embossed with oak leaves and acorns, while their centre features floral and leafage sprays.
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