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1. Architecture A band of convex molding carved with ornamental beading or reeding.
2. An ornamental band, used especially in silverwork, embellished with fluting, reeding, or another continuous pattern.

[Early Modern English gooderoon, gaudron, from French godron, from Middle French, from Old French goderon : god- in godet, drinking vessel without a base or handle (such vessels being frequently ornamented with gadroons in medieval times; from Middle Dutch kodde, cudgel, staff, cylindrical piece of wood; akin to Frisian kudde, cudgel) + -eron, diminutive suffix (from Old French -ier, -er, noun suffix, from Latin -ārius, noun suffix + Old French -on, diminutive suffix, from Latin -ō, -ōn-, hypocoristic suffix).]

ga·drooned′ adj.
ga·droon′ing n.


(ɡəˈdruːn) or


1. (Antiques) a moulding composed of a series of convex flutes and curves joined to form a decorative pattern, used esp as an edge to silver articles
2. (Architecture) architect a carved ornamental moulding having a convex cross section
[C18: from French godron, perhaps from Old French godet cup, goblet, drinking vessel]
gaˈdrooned, goˈdrooned adj



1. an elaborately carved or indented convex molding.
2. a series of curved, inverted flutings, or of convex and concave flutings, used esp. as a decorative edging on articles of silver, earthenware, wood, etc.
[1715–25; < French godron, Middle French goderon]
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From the delicate hues favored by the maison's master enamelers to the gadrooned pattern around the rim of the dial that, much like a hem, lends each timepiece its structure, the techniques pay homage to the tradition and culture of bespoke tailoring.
Mostly circular, oval or rectangular in shape, they are decorated on top with embossed birds, animals, crowns, fruits and flowers and their sides are fluted or gadrooned.
Especially notable are the gadrooned vases with thin double handles sprouting stiffly drawn pomegranates.
Whether a piece reflects the austerity and weight of the early Georgian period, the wit and imagination of the rococo, the restraint and elegance of the neoclassical period or the gadrooned brilliance of the Regency/George IV period, it must be outstanding in every respect--condition, quality, rarity, provenance--to achieve these prices.
This is a lovely silver oval sweetmeat basket, circa 1763, with pierced stars and quatrefoils, embossed beads, shaped gadrooned border and pierced handle.