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Used as a mild or ironic oath.

[Perhaps alteration of God's hooks, the nails of the crucifixion of Jesus.]


archaic a mild oath
[C17: perhaps from God's hooks (the nails of the cross); see Gad1]



interj. Archaic.
(used as a mild oath.)
[1645–55; perhaps representing God's hooks (i.e., the nails of Christ's Cross)]


- An abridgment of God's hooks, "nails of the cross."
See also related terms for nails.


interj (old)Kruzitürken (old)
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What's the problem with NHS managers or, gadzooks, the Health Secretary himself speaking directly to nurses (when he's not busy unlawfully closing down vital hospital departments) and then, perhaps, actually doing something about the paperwork and the staff shortages?
All things come to me through the clear fog with the odor of repetition, with yellow hangovers and gadzooks and whettikins.
crivvens dad gums dagnabbit, dagnammit, dangnabbit, doggone, gat dangit drat egad for crying out loud (a song by the Meat Loaf rock group) gadzooks gee, gee whizz (Gee whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z: a 1956 Warner Bros.
amp; there was snow gadzooks of it the squelchy hush & sledging whoosh an oodly skitter of wellies a comely whump of sun low up & fog balloons of breathy come dusk come ice come slush-cum-berg a crickle-o-fire nicely tonight a drink of winter swoon a bed a warm already huzzah
Stores such as Hot Topic and Gadzooks made it possible for me to look like whomever I wanted.
The Double Falsehood is actually a musty old piece that's been around for ages, without anybody giving a gadzooks.
Breilly Hilburn, a former manager at Gadzooks, which is owned by the same parent company as Forever 21, said business has been "fantastic.
I'm all for not resorting to gadzooks and forsooth.
In Gadzooks they have a lot of hot stuff, so in there I look around.
DALLAS - Bankrupt teen-clothing chain Gadzooks Inc.
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