gag reflex

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Noun1.gag reflex - normal reflex consisting of retching; may be produced by touching the soft palate in the back of the mouth
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Hugh MacPhail, Duntocher Gag reflex Just read that page of jokes.
But his act is also part biography: Meyer was once an outcast who learned how to overcome his gag reflex and his fears to find his calling.
However, when you take into account the rigorous pre-competition training, including teaching your body to suppress the gag reflex, as well as the very real possibility of choking to death, then wolfing down dozens of hot dogs in 10 minutes isn't all fun and games after all.
The 22-year-old was unlikely to have known that some of the drugs in his system would have affected his gag reflex, stopping him drawing breath, when mixed with alcohol.
"If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it can make you gag, so it's best to start from the back of the tongue and swipe in one go to the front.
Beecher's committee, in a report titled 'A Definition of Irreversible Coma', defined a new state of death -- brain death -- in which patients were unconscious, unresponsive to pain and unable to breathe on their own, and had no basic reflexes (pupils unreactive to light, no gag reflex and so on).
"If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it's best to start from the back of the tongue and swipe in one go to the front."
If it's not already apparent to one's gag reflex, this is some top-shelf white saviour fantasy, one last con job that the last viceroy pulled on the books' authors.
Call the newsdesk on 0151 472 An inquest heard yesterday that the combination of alcohol and his prescription medication may have depressed his respiratory system and gag reflex.
The gag reflex also called as gagging is viewed as a normal, defensive, physiological mechanism that happens so as to forestall foreign bodies or toxic materials from getting entry to pharynx, larynx or trachea.1 A prosthodontist commonly encounters patients with gagging while providing prosthodontic treatment.2,3 Various stimulating or triggering factors of gag reflex in prosthodontic patients are reported in the literature but broadly the gag reflex has been classified as either somatogenic or psychogenic.4,5 Somatogenic gagging starts from insufficient retention of the prosthesis, thick posterior borders of the denture, inadequate posterior seal, lack of tongue space and malocclusion.
"Drunk people lose their gag reflex which is a serious issue so it's about monitoring and making sure people are safe and that's what (drunk tanks) offer."
Use with caution in patients with impaired gag reflex as they may be at risk for regurgitation or aspiration during administration of CLENPIQ.