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A brittle, dark green to brown or black mineral, ZnAl2O4.

[After Johan Gahn (1745-1818), Swedish mineralogist.]


(Minerals) a dark green mineral of the spinel group consisting of zinc aluminium oxide. Formula: ZnAl2O4
[C19: named after J. G. Gahn (1745–1818), Swedish chemist; see -ite1]


(ˈgɑ naɪt)

a dark green to black mineral of the spinel group.
[1800–10; after J. German. Gahn (1745–1818), Swedish chemist]
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Cleavage in pink diamond * Rough diamond with green cleavage surface * Gahnite inclusions in cat's-eye heliodor * Trapiche pezzottaite * Modified Rheinberg illumination * Melt inclusions in Montana sapphires * Molybdenite in topaz.
In case of the sample deposited at 550[degrees]C Figure 2(c), only a cubic spinel crystalline phase of Zn[Al.sub.2][O.sub.4] (gahnite) was found (ICCD Card File no.
The following standards and were used: Al on sanidine, Ca on titanite, Cl on NaCl, Cr on chromite, F on topaz, Fe on andradite, K on orthoclase, Mg on olivine, Mn on spessartine, Na on albite, Nb on columbite, Si on titanite, Ti on titanite and Zn on gahnite. Elements were measured for 20 s at the peak and for 10 s for each background.
In another incident Sher Shah s/o Mir Badshah was also collecting wood at Gahnite village where he also fell into the water and downed.
Other minerals found in the Kafubu emerald area include allanite (small euhedral crystals in rock), amethystine quartz (in a single 10-cm-wide vein), bertrandite (7-mm crystal aggregates replacing beryl), columbite-(Mn), tantalite-(Mn) (prismatic euhedral microcrystals), monazite (euhedral microcrystals), epidote, gahnite, phenakite (crystals to 1 cm enclosed in beryl), plumbomicrolite (brownish yellow crystals to 1 mm), and xenotime (euhedral micro-crystal inclusions) (Seifert et al., 2004).
Aluminum bronze results in alumina deposits, silicon bronze in silica deposits and trace aluminum in brass results in the complex gahnite (zinc alumina spinel).
These contain disseminated to semi-massive sulphides, mainly pyrrhotite and pyrite, together with chalcopyrite, sphalerite, molybdenite, and gahnite. The anthophyllite zones are interpreted as hydrothermal alteration features, resembling the anthophyllite zones underlying massive sulphide deposits in western Ontario, Canada, such as Winston Lake or the Geco deposits.
In addition to the finest "royal purple" fluorapatites in the world, the Pulsifer Quarry has produced world-class bertrandite, gahnite, and manganotantalite crystals.
A combination of well-characterized minerals and synthetic materials were used to calibrate for EPMA, including SMS scapolite (S and Cl), Corning W glass (6) (Co), SMS gahnite (Zn), SMS cassiterite (Sn), SMS strontianite and Corning X glass (Sr).