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 (gī′jēn′, -jĭn′)
n. pl. gaijin
A non-Japanese person.

[Japanese : gai, outside, foreign (from Middle Chinese ŋuaj`) + jin, person; see jinriksha.]


n, pl -jin
(Languages) (in Japan) a foreigner
[C20: Japanese, a contraction of gaikoku-jin, from gaikoku foreign country + jin person]


(ˈgaɪ dʒin; Eng. ˈgaɪ dʒɪn)

n., pl. -jin (-dʒin; Eng. -dʒɪn)
Japanese. an outsider; foreigner.
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The head chef and co-owner at Gaijin - which means the "outside person" - will be recognisable to Birmingham's sushi lovers.
Gaijin Sushi in Bristol Street seats just 10 people.
Japan Inc has 117 trillion yen in cash on corporate balance sheet and the government pension fund, let alone gaijin investors, can well increase allocations to Japanese equities in 2018.
Another combat flight simulator called War Thunder is available from developer Gaijin Entertainment.
Em 1980, dentre outras, destacam-se Tizuka Yamasaki, com Gaijin, Caminhos da liberdade e Suzana Amaral com a adaptacao do livro de Clarice Lispector, A hora da estrela.
The Japanese word for "foreigner" - gaijin - comprises the words for "outside" and "person.
Born disabled, Jewish, gay -- used to being an outsider in America -- the author realizes, to his surprise, that in Japan, none of these identities holds as much significance as being a gaijin.
It later began to apply to "North Atlantic merchant sailors, Caribbean au pairs in the United States, Egyptian guest workers in Iraq, Japanese women who take gaijin lovers".
Gaijin Entertainment has announced a new first-person shooter for the PC that is set in World War II.
Another one, Apache: Air Assault made by Russian video game studio Gaijin Entertainment, also features Russian troops attacking IS targets in Syria.