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 (gī′jēn′, -jĭn′)
n. pl. gaijin
A non-Japanese person.

[Japanese : gai, outside, foreign (from Middle Chinese ŋuaj`) + jin, person; see jinriksha.]
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n, pl -jin
(Languages) (in Japan) a foreigner
[C20: Japanese, a contraction of gaikoku-jin, from gaikoku foreign country + jin person]
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(ˈgaɪ dʒin; Eng. ˈgaɪ dʒɪn)

n., pl. -jin (-dʒin; Eng. -dʒɪn)
Japanese. an outsider; foreigner.
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As many as 16 dancers, including Zied, Mufayat, Rayman, Bboy Kamran CFC, Misterio, Zico Firestar, Bboy Question CFC, Gaijin, Lee, Shifu, Crazybeat, Bboy Button, Xan, Bboy Quattro'j, Molnia and Nemo, showed their skills in Baku.
'Samurai Marathon' is jidaigeki (period film) in the hands of gaijin (foreigner), or the British director Bernard Rose who employs a star-studded cast.
She is eventually featured in Japan Cosmo as one of the most accomplished gaijin, "outside people," to play the instrument.
Therefore, Ken only uses his sword in the main combat scene, yet Harry as a gaijin (foreigner) is allowed to use a gun.
This kind of frenzy is a risk gaijin (outsiders) run when they visit Japan, desperate to take in as much of the country as they possibly can.
The mouthwatering line-up is bigger than ever and includes Zindiya, Gaijin Sushi, Buddha Belly, Baked in Brick, Original Patty Men and Wayland's Yard.
(13.) "Zhongyang lianxi huiyi guanyu jinyibu gaijin jinjing feizhengchang shangfang chuzhi gongzuo de yijian" [Opinions of Central Joint Conference on Further Improving the Handling of Irregular Petitions in Beijing], consulted in the office of Province A's letters and visits bureau, July 6, 2016.
"I know you all speak perfect English, but you can't speak English now, you can't remember because the foreigner won, 'cause the Gaijin won.
Perhaps, I will also contract Chef Non to teach some of my Gaijin nephews and nieces the art of her tea ceremony (I'll make sure they don't chomp on the wagashi and finish everything before the actual tea ceremony).
Cup 2017 champions Singapore Barbarians and and Shield titlists Tokyo Gaijin won't be around to defend their titles, but the RFC Eagles (Plate), the Taipei Baboons (Bowl) and the SCC Growlers (Veterans) are raring to protect theirs in the tournament presented by the Nomads Rugby.