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 (gān-sā′, gān′sā′)
tr.v. gain·said (-sād′, -sĕd′), gain·say·ing, gain·says (-sāz′, -sĕz′)
1. To declare to be false; deny. See Synonyms at deny.
2. To oppose (someone), especially by contradiction: "She was going to fashion the end of her existence in her own way, and in this determination she would not be gainsaid" (Louis Auchincloss).

[Middle English gainsayen : gain-, against (from Old English gegn-) + sayen, to say (from Old English secgan; see say).]

gain·say′er n.
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Indeed, one who would be an idolized king or a pampered priest is loathed to be a disconcerting gainsayer of what to the world is convenient.
Don also interviews people at Gainsayer. She has appeared in visual poems such as Woman Without Umbrella and Unbound, started several reading-soiree series, worked as an editor on publications such as LIT and has received press for her writing work including Quiet Lunch, Let Them Talk, Art Loves Her, Yes Poetry!
Thacke, The Gainsayer Convinced (1649), 64, quoted in J.
Did you plan any dire consequences for the gainsayer?
Although an irenicist, Coornhert, known as the "gainsayer," seemed to thrive on controversy.
Should any doubt the actuality of these essential moments, Cyril conveyed the sense that the events themselves in their entirety would aggressively rebuke the gainsayer. Do not deny the Crucified ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
(128) Gainsayers receive no epistemic credit that could go into the jurors' collective decision and resolve the deadlock one way or another.
Instead Toland was determined to depict Ireland as the bastion of Celtic civilization that had extended through the British Isles and which could stand up to the close judgemental examination of its gainsayers. Far from being barbaric, it was a couth, cultured world that had benefited from a religious faith that rejected mystery and instead celebrated the power of nature.
several over, overcome feminist gainsayers.'' "It might be a nice fantasy - that's debatable - but the reality, after a couple of months " Ironically Bond's failure to bond with any of the women he beds was seen as part and parcel of his glamour in my day.
But leaving aside the gainsayers and sceptics, the sheer timescale of the scheme hailed as Britain's biggest infrastructure project - even if it goes ahead bang on schedule - should set alarm bells ringing.
This is not a criticism that can be leveled at the Tristan excerpt, though, whose other-worldly intensity is utterly Kleiber is not without his gainsayers, and several contributors aim to be as objective about him as possible.