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n. galactografía, rayos-x-de los conductos mamarios.
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further possible application areas: - urography, - computed tomography, - angiography, - digital subtraction angiography (dsa), - angiocardiography, coronary arteriography, interventional coronary arteriography, - fistulography, galactography. dosage forms: all approved dosage forms of an active substance must be offered concentration: 400 mg / ml pack size: all approved pack sizes of one active substance must be offered further information can be found in annex 11 to the call for proposals.
Marking with blue dye staining (3) and wire localization under galactography guidance (4) are the primary preoperative methods.
They used galactography to determine the underlying cause, which was cancer in 2 cases, both of whom had bloody discharge.
Ductal orientated sonography improves the diagnosis of pathological nipple discharge of the female breast compared with galactography. European Journal of Cancer Prevention 1998;7 Suppl 1:S57-62.
Breast imaging may range from Mammography, Tomosynthesis, Xeromammography, Galactography, Breast MRI, Breast ultrasound and others.
On imaging, central papillomas commonly display a solitary retroareolar mass in a dilated duct on mammography, intraluminal filling defect or duct dilatation on galactography, and a well-circumscribed, hypoechoic nodule or a smooth-walled cystic lesion with solid components on ultrasonography.
At present, the only pre-surgical test that has shown reliable results with excellent sensitivity and specificity is a galactography associated to traditional radiological imaging (6).
If a pathological cause for the discharge is suspected, an ultrasound scan and galactography should be performed to exclude intraductal tumours such as papillomas or carcinomas.
Individual chapters address patient preparation, instrumentation, galactography and ductoscopy, and sentinel node biopsy.
Galactography can depict an intraductal or intraluminal filling defect.
Ranfac offers a line of Galactography cannulas designed to help determine is breast discharge might be related to significant pathology.