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A dish of boned, stuffed meat or fish that is poached and served cold coated with aspic.

[Middle English galauntine, a kind of sauce, from Old French galatine, galentine, aspic, fish sauce, from Medieval Latin galentīnum, probably ultimately from gelāta, jelly, from feminine past participle of Latin gelāre, to freeze, coagulate; see gelatin.]
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(Cookery) a cold dish of meat or poultry, which is boned, cooked, stuffed, then pressed into a neat shape and glazed
[C14: from Old French, from Medieval Latin galatina, probably from Latin gelātus frozen, set; see gelatine]
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(ˈgæl ənˌtin, ˌgæl ənˈtin)

a dish of boned, stuffed poultry, fish, or meat poached and served cold usu. with aspic.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Old French galentine, gala(n)tine jellied fish or other meat]
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Noun1.galantine - boned poultry stuffed then cooked and covered with aspic; served cold
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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But you'll develop confidence if you keep trying, and eventually will successfully cook everything from stuffed duck breast to galantine. By learning to break down a chicken, you'll become more self-sufficient, and you'll limit processing and inventory headaches for the farmer.
The menu will feature traditional dishes such as rabbit galantine with grilled pears, loaded deviled eggs with turkey bacon and scotch eggs with tomato relish as appetizers.
The Galantine's Day is the day to let our girlfriends know how much we appreciate them.
Among the new dishes are spaghetti puttanesca, embotido pan de sal, grilled ham sandwich with raspberry sauce and homemade taro chips, chicken galantine with mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables.
Due to its high protein, no fat, and no cholesterol, edible gelatin is widely used as a food thickener in the food industry (such as jelly, yogurt, and galantine) [1].
"Hors d'reuvres assortis, Potage: creme de riz chantilly; Releves froides: Mayonnaise de saumon l'Huitres et homards, dinde truffe en galantine decoree, cochon de lait a l'anglaise, jambon de york glace; Entres chauds: petit-bouches a la reine, poulet a la marengo, cotelette d'agneau villeroy, filet pique aux champignons; Legumes: petit-pois aux petit beurre; Rotis: dinde farci a l'algerienne, quartier de cochon a l'anglaise; Dessert: puding a la diplomatique, bavarois a la vanille, gateau de noix, tourte d'amande, yema quemada, petit four.
Profusely and beautifully illustrated throughout, and featuring more than 200 recipes and DIY tips on how to prepare game and other wild edibles, the recipes comprising "From Cabela's Kitchen Table" range from Bananas Overload; Venison Stew; Duck-Stuffed Peppers; Roasted Goose Breasts; Pheasant Enchiladas; and Turkey Galantine; to Three-Meat Wild Chili; Maple-Glazed Ham; Broiled Fish with Tomatoes & Olive Relish; Citrus Campfire Fish; Smoked Salmon Jerky; Grilled Oysters, Shrimp & Spiny Lobster; and Wild Rice Stuffing.
This year The Gallery restaurant hosted its first 10-course degustation and wine pairing evening where dishes included scallop and apple with a cauliflower veloute, warm lobster club, galantine of poussin, vanilla panna cotta and tarte tatin.
Three-course set menu includes soups and salads, crab bisque with shaved fennel, roast turkey galantine with apricot and sage stuffing and cheesecake.
Most consumers are familiar with many of the variations of salami, dry-cured ham and sausage, but charcuterie also encompasses pat', rillettes, confit, mousse, galantine and many other specialty items.
All the above models use the first order approach, for alternative, multi-dimensional, approach see Erevelles, Dutta and Galantine (2004).
The eighty-two recipes include goose breast, chicken galantine, chocolate torte, plum dumplings, gulyasleves (goulash soup), doboschtorte, linzertorte, mazelokich (layered matzoh and fruit dessert typically served by Czech Jews during Passover), and Gesundheitskuchen (good health cake) brought to mothers of newborns.