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 (gā-lĕn′ĭ-kəl, gə-)
A medicinal preparation composed mainly of herbal or vegetable matter.

[After Galen.]

ga·len′i·cal adj.


(ɡeɪˈlɛnɪkəl; ɡə-) pharmacol
(Pharmacology) any drug prepared from plant or animal tissue, esp vegetables, rather than being chemically synthesized
(Pharmacology) denoting or belonging to this group of drugs


(geɪˈlɛn ɪ kəl, gə-)

a standard medical preparation containing one or more organic ingredients, as herbs, rather than having a purely chemical content.
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Laboratory glassware and consumables, Laboratory chemicals and reagents, Reagents and consumables for clinical laboratory, Pharmaceutical substances, Herbal preparations and galenical preparations, Serums and vaccines, Antibiotic disks and e-tests, Dry nutrient media, Ready-to-use broths, Biochemical environments for the identification of bacteria, Coloring paints, Bioproducts, Immunological kits, Tests, Maps and reagents for various laboratory and medical devices, All individualized according to the technical specifications of the relevant laboratory own positions.
Discussing the Sigmoid treatment, Dr Falk Pharma's managing director, Ursula Falk, said: "The innovative Galenical formulation developed by Sigmoid is suitable to improve patient outcomes and to avoid the use of biologics and corticosteroids.
From an ethnobotanical and pharmacological point of view the seed is the part most commonly used (22%) and the decoction is the galenical form the most practised (31%).
The company has experience in the following galenical forms:
The oral bioavailability of this extract is therefore limited and it is strictly dependent on the galenical preparation (Voinovich et al.
The production process for the MyDose device is unique to Roche, as no other product in their galenical manufacturing approach (also known as formulation, or the manufacturing process by which all active pharmaceutical ingredients produced chemically or by biotechnology are transformed into application forms suitable to treat patients) demands many state-of-the-art production steps.
At the time of Janot's nomination to the galenical pharmacology chair at the Medical Faculty of Paris in 1941, he had a research team working on natural substances.
Topics include the role of skin protection in the prevention of skin disease, Galenical principles in skin protection, testing for safety and efficacy of products, protection from irritants and allergens as well as from toxicants and sunlight, the impact of physical noxae, and protection from a combination of damaging factors.
Using Culpeper's spectral voice, Cole certifies as genuine both the dissertation on aurum potabile and the translation of Riviere, "the best rules of physick in a Galenical way that are.