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Both might have been influenced by early impressions; for, if the son of the loyal and gallant soldier bowed in implicit obedience to the will of his sovereign, the descendant of the persecuted followers of Penn looked back with a little bitterness to the unmerited wrongs that had been heaped upon his ancestors.
Sooner would the sentinel quit his post unrelieved sooner the gallant soldier turn his back on his enemy or sooner would Antonio forget his Julia!
Still it was a ghastly sight, and one from which we were glad to escape; indeed, I never remember anything of the kind that affected me more than seeing those gallant soldiers thus put out of pain by the red-handed medicine men, except, indeed, on one occasion when, after an attack, I saw a force of Swazis burying their hopelessly wounded /alive/.
Ladies are carrying off our gallant soldiers from their duty.
After safely regaining our lines this gallant soldier was killed by a shell.
At the same time in the vehicle, a gallant soldier Sepoy Rabnawaz on the driver seat was breathing slowly with his eyes closed.
Another original newspaper clipping headed "A Gallant Soldier, Swansea Sergt-Major's Fate" records a letter to V J Russell's mother from Capt W O Jones (who was wounded himself ).
This very gallant soldier "This very gallant soldier has displayed great resource on previous occasions, and has set an exceptionally fine example of devotion to duty.
In the months after his death he was remembered as a father and a husband and a gallant soldier but, says Kim, little was said about her blue-eyed child.
Distinctive silver pocket watches and even a First World War medal to a gallant soldier were found by officers during a search of houses in Newcastle's West End.