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Either of two eastern North American hollies, inkberry or Ilex coriacea, having leathery leaves, small white flowers, and black berries.

[From gall (from the use of the berries to make a black dye similar to that from oak galls).]
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Noun1.gallberry - evergreen holly of eastern North America with oblong leathery leaves and small black berriesgallberry - evergreen holly of eastern North America with oblong leathery leaves and small black berries
holly - any tree or shrub of the genus Ilex having red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges
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The planting was surrounded by flat-woods areas (primarily pine [Pinus spp.; Pinaceae], oak [Quercus spp.; Fagaceae], saw palmetto [Serenoa repens [Bartram]; Arecaceae], wax myrtle [Myrica cerifera L.; Myricaceae], and gallberry [Ilex glabra [L.]; Aquifoliaceae]) on 3 sides, with partial forest and pasture on the south side.
The west plot (P) was characterized by a relatively high density of young loblolly pine (Pinus taeda), while the unplanted plot to the east (U) was characterized by a high density of shrubs, primarily gallberry holly (Ilex glabra).
The intricate details of Nokobee's inhabitants - from myrtle-leaf holly and tall gallberry to cottonmouth moccasin snakes and gopher tortoises - that weave their way through the narrative could only come from the pen of a naturalist.
It transitions into the swamp system gradually with gallberry (Ilex glabra) and staggerbush (Lyonia ferruginea) serving as a strong indicator of the transition to saturated soils.
[section] 16-17-560 (2003) (making it "unlawful for a person to assault or intimidate a citizen, discharge a citizen from employment or occupation, or eject a citizen from a rented house, land, or other property because of political opinions or the exercise of political rights and privileges guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution and laws of the United States or by the Constitution and laws of this State"); Melanie Robin Gallberry, Note, Employers Beware: South Carolina's Public Policy Exception to the At-Will Employment Doctrine Is Likely To Keep Expanding, 51 S.C.L.