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gall 1

1. Outrageous insolence; effrontery: After borrowing my car, he had the gall to complain about its seats.
a. Bitterness of feeling; rancor.
b. Something bitter to endure: the gall of defeat.
3. See bile.

[Middle English galle, gallbladder, bile, courage, from Old English gealla, galla, bile; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

gall 2

1. A skin sore caused by friction and abrasion: a saddle gall.
a. Exasperation; vexation.
b. The cause of such vexation.
v. galled, gall·ing, galls
1. To irk or exasperate; vex: It galled me to have to wait outside.
2. To wear away or make sore by abrasion; chafe:
To become worn or sore by abrasion.

[Middle English galle, from Old English gealla, possibly from Latin galla, nutgall.]

gall 3

An abnormal growth of plant tissue caused by an organism, such as an insect, mite, or bacterium, or by a wound.

[Middle English galle, from Old French, from Latin galla, nutgall.]
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Adj.1.galled - painful from having the skin abraded
painful - causing physical or psychological pain; "worked with painful slowness"