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A usually glass-roofed passageway or indoor court containing shops or businesses.

[Italian, from Old Italian, from Medieval Latin, gallery, from variant of galilaea, galilee; see galilee.]


(Architecture) a central court through several storeys of a shopping centre or department store onto which shops or departments open at each level
[C20: from Italian; see gallery]


(ˌgæl əˈri ə)

n., pl. -ri•as.
1. a spacious passageway, court, or indoor mall, usu. having a high vaulted glass roof and containing shops.
[1900–05; < Italian. See gallery]
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Noun1.galleria - a genus of PyralidaeGalleria - a genus of Pyralidae      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Pyralidae, family Pyralididae, Pyralidae, Pyralididae - bee moths; corn borers; flour moths
bee moth, Galleria mellonella, wax moth - moth whose larvae live in and feed on bee honeycombs
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