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n. pl. gal·ler·ies
1. A roofed promenade, especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported by arches or columns on the outer side.
2. A long enclosed passage, such as a hallway or corridor.
a. A narrow balcony, usually having a railing or balustrade, along the outside of a building.
b. A projecting or recessed passageway along an upper story on the interior or exterior of a large building, generally marked by a colonnade or arcade.
c. Such a passageway situated over the aisle of a church and opening onto the nave. Also called tribune2.
4. Southwestern Gulf States See veranda.
a. An upper section, often with a sloping floor, projecting from the rear or side walls of a theater or an auditorium to provide additional seating.
b. The seats in such a section, usually cheaper than those on the main floor.
c. The cheapest seats in a theater, generally those of the uppermost gallery.
d. The audience occupying a gallery or cheap section of a theater.
6. A large audience or group of spectators, as at a tennis or golf match.
7. The general public, usually considered as exemplifying a lack of discrimination or sophistication: accused the administration of playing to the gallery on the defense issue.
a. A building, room, or website for the exhibition of artistic work.
b. An establishment that displays and sells works of art.
c. A photographer's studio.
9. A collection; an assortment: The trial featured a gallery of famous and flamboyant witnesses.
a. An underground tunnel or passageway, as in a cave or one dug for military or mining purposes.
b. A tunnel or series of tunnels made by an animal.
11. Nautical A platform or balcony at the stern or quarters of some early sailing ships.
12. A decorative upright trimming or molding along the edge of a table top, tray, or shelf.

[Middle English galerie, from Old French, from Old North French galilee, galilee; see galilee.]

gal′ler·ied adj.
Our Living Language In Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, an open roofed porch that runs along at least one side of a house has been called a gallery: "Out on the small front gallery she had hung Bobinôt's Sunday clothes to air" (Kate Chopin). Craig M. Carver, the author of American Regional Dialects, points out that the word gallery, from Old French galerie, was borrowed into British English in the 15th century and was brought over to the American colonies by English-speaking settlers. Although the word in the sense "porch" did not survive in the American English of the East Coast, it was borrowed separately, probably from Acadian French, into the English of 18th-century Louisiana and there survived as part of the Southwestern Gulf dialect.


having a gallery or galleries
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The galleried first-floor landing provides access to all five double bedrooms, including the master bedroom with its dressing room and en-suite shower room.
The living room is an imposing feature within this charming property and has a galleried landing above, along with a feature fireplace and inset wood burner.
The property is accessed through a grand entrance hall with galleried landing and all reception rooms lead off this.
You need never be bored in this home because situated to the rear of the property is a games room with a full size snooker table, which leads onto a vaulted music room with a galleried study above.
A door at ground floor level gives access to a hallway, with stairs leading up to the galleried landing.
The accommodation includes: porch, reception/ dining room, stairs leading to a two storey galleried landing, lounge, kitchen/ breakfast room and utility with a further kitchen and utility room.
With a spacious interior full of character, including outstanding beams and galleried landing, this property has lots to offer.
Stairs from the main hall head up to the galleried landing off which is the master bedroom with en suite shower room.
This is galleried and overlooked by the principal living space and has doors leading to two ground floor bedrooms, utility room and bathroom.
There is a galleried landing with three more bedrooms - one is currently a games room.
The first floor features a galleried landing, living room with full roof height ceiling, three further bedrooms and bathroom with shower It is available for rent unfurnished at PS1,900 pcm through Hollier Browne on 0121 458 7421.
There's plenty of space outside for boules and lawn tennis but the highlight is the galleried games room at the top of the house, with a pool table and stunning views across the countryside.