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JED PERL, ART CRITIC FOR THE NEW/REPUBLIC, is a regular gallerygoer.
On my visit, Garcia's room was accentuated by the arrival of Pierre Huyghe's delegate to the exhibition: a figure perambulating the show as a gallerygoer wearing a mask of blindingly bright lightbulbs.
Here no scrap was glued or affixed: Had a gallerygoer walked by too quickly or had a gust of wind swept in from Sunset Boulevard, the colored fragments would have scattered.
Then there's "the Lion Queen," whose quest to remake her face in the image of a big cat so absorbed the preschool-age gallerygoer.
It's just like being back in school," a gallerygoer muttered grumpily, upon entering Gujarati artist Atul Dodiya's latest, much anticipated solo show, "Bako Exists.
Maybe the gallerygoer, who hears the increasingly hysterical text in her mind as she reads?
Konnemann's deadpan bifurcation of the gallery requires the gallerygoer to do double duty, asking whether one work can be put in the service of two radically divergent systems.
Gallerygoers will also get to enjoy selections from his Italy series, including his romantic take on Venice.
Malcolm opens the Struth piece with the artist photographing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip--a once-in-a-lifetime commission-- but barely mentions his best-known pictures, of crowds of gallerygoers, and only in the final paragraphs.
95) AT 592 pages, this is an ambitious and weighty, but extremely valuable, addition to the bookshelves of gallerygoers.
Ranging from school chairs to armchairs, saddles to swings and highchairs to potties, gallerygoers should be sitting pretty for choice when they visit the Shipley in Gateshead.