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n. pl. gal·li·mau·fries
A jumble; a hodgepodge.

[French galimafrée, from Old French galimafree, sauce, ragout : probably galer, to make merry; see gallant + mafrer, to gorge oneself (from Middle Dutch moffelen, to open one's mouth wide, of imitative origin).]


n, pl -fries
a jumble; hotchpotch
[C16: from French galimafrée ragout, hash, of unknown origin]


(ˌgæl əˈmɔ fri)

n., pl. -fries.
a hodgepodge; jumble.
[1545–55; < Middle French galimafree kind of sauce or stew]


- A medley or confused jumble, especially a dish made of leftovers, from French gallimaufry, "ragout, hash."
See also related terms for leftovers.


 Examples: gallimaufry of nuts, 1591; of prophecies, 1668.
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Noun1.gallimaufry - a motley assortment of thingsgallimaufry - a motley assortment of things  
assortment, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, motley, potpourri, salmagundi, smorgasbord, variety, mixture - a collection containing a variety of sorts of things; "a great assortment of cars was on display"; "he had a variety of disorders"; "a veritable smorgasbord of religions"




n no plDurcheinander nt, → Mischmasch m (inf)
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Thame, United Kingdom, June 17, 2019 --( About Gallimaufry:
Cawley's influential argument, made in his 1955 essay 'The "Grotesque" Feast in the Prima Pastorum, that the shepherds' feast must have been imaginary in nature: 'The playwright's mixing of high-class and low-class table delicacies makes a ludicrous gallimaufry that can never have existed except in his imagination'.
(That he left me disgracefully in the lurch at the end, that's another story.) Even so, I still think such a gallimaufry of names is confusing.
But there is humour, too, with one of the dottiest scene within a scene ballets - a gallimaufry of startled butterflies, Tyrolean trolls and woodcutters who may well be a sandwich short of a picnic.
Daniel George is the pseudonym of the English writer Daniel George Bunting; "Publicity" first appears in his Alphabetical Order: A Gallimaufry (1949), where it is dated 1933.
Sanam was last seen in entertainment channel ARY Digital's Teri Raza (2017), which was swamped with gallimaufry of positive and negative reviews.
Her studio, in a small stone barn, was a quiet refuge, replete with clay-making facilities in the basement, connected by an ancient freight elevator to the sunlit upstairs workroom with its massive stone fireplace and a gallimaufry of books.
Born and raised in the American Midwest, but having lived about half his life in England, Bryson has an accent that is a gallimaufry of Old and New World.
But in 1938, he recorded eight hours of Jelly Roll Morton's reminiscences of turn-of-the-century New Orleans, "where the birth of jazz originated." (7) It struck Lomax then that this city--its gallimaufry of races and classes with their rich and messy and fraught creolized culture--was an ideal of American culture at large, and it hit him with the force of revelation.
Only with a conflict as vast and demanding as the Civil War was the government forced to abandon the Hamiltonian system, paying for victory not just in bond issues but in the issuance of paper currency and in a gallimaufry of taxes.
[...] Time hath confounded our minds, our minds the matter, but all cometh to this pass: that what heretofore hath been served in several dishes for a feast is now minced in a charger for a gallimaufry. If we present a mingle-mangle, our fault is to be excused, because the whole world is become an hodgepodge.
Citadel Arts Centre, The Citadel, 01744 735436, Fri 11 Nov, PS11.00 Ceilidh with Gallimaufry The band play a stunning range of music everything from traditional English and Scottish tunes to European folk music, jazz standards and much more.