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Noun1.gallina - small Asiatic wild birdgallina - small Asiatic wild bird; believed to be ancestral to domestic fowl
gallinacean, gallinaceous bird - heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds
genus Gallus, Gallus - common domestic birds and related forms
jungle cock - male jungle fowl
jungle hen - female jungle fowl
red jungle fowl, Gallus gallus - a jungle fowl of southeastern Asia that is considered ancestral to the domestic fowl
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It happened to him at the Gallina Society in Oakland one afternoon.
The company is in the process of reviewing higher-than-expected payments for kidney dialysis treatments, according to John Gallina, Anthem's chief financial officer.
La incubacion, natural o artificial, es el proceso por el cual el embrion finaliza su desarrollo morfologico, iniciado dentro de la gallina. Por tanto, la incubacion artificial, debe entregar al huevo condiciones ambientales optimas, similares a las del proceso natural, para el desarrollo embrionario.
CVS is leasing 8,300 s/f on the ground floor and 3,400 s/f on the lower level in a deal negotiated by NGKF's team of Ross Kaplan, Jason Pruger, and Trever Gallina represented CVS.
Sarah Lehman (TAMU) (10), 8,2; Christina Gallina (UWF) d.
Sacramento, CA, August 27, 2014 --( Publicly recognized as a pillar of positive community involvement, GALLINA LLP will be honored by the Golden Empire Council Boy Scouts of America on September 26, 2014.
Gallina LLP has named Tim Devoto a partner in its Walnut Greek office ...
Jessica Gallina, "is dehydration from extreme heat and sweat." Dancers who plan to take a hot yoga class, a ballet class, and rehearse all in one day must take extra care to drink water and fluids with electrolytes, like coconut water or sports drinks.
Gallina, who has been in the food service industry for 30 years, returning to the local scene from West Palm Beach, Fla.