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An amount measured in gallons.


1. (Units) a capacity measured in gallons
2. (Units) the rate of pumping, transmission, or consumption of a fluid in gallons per unit of time


(ˈgæl ə nɪdʒ)

the number of gallons of something used.
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Others include raising registration fees for both traditional and electric vehicles; doubling the tax on real estate transfers of nonresidential property from 50 cents to $1 for each $500 in market value; imposing a new tax of $1 per ride on ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft; imposing a new 7 percent tax on cable, satellite and streaming services; raising the state's liquor gallonage tax; adding a new tax on parking garage fees; removing the sales tax exemption on the value of traded-in property; and dedicating a portion of a proposed video gambling terminal tax increase to the capital plan.
Aggregate fuel gallonage reached a new peak, growing to 1.13 billion gallons, up 5.8% from 2016.
Bulk gallonage converted to 9-liter equivalent cases VALUE OF US WINE EXPORTS Hong Kong $119 Japan $94 China $79 Other $242 EEC $553 Canada $444 12 months ended December 2017.
New projects or major rehabs are larger in terms of gallonage, but they are harder to secure, have lower margins and show greater lag time in payment."
To predict gallonage using this equation, let's assume that the traffic count is 10,000 vehicles per day.
"We're seeing a lot more gallonage comparable-store increases, not just price increases," Galanti noted.
And Brussels complains about wine sold in America being subjected to a 'gallonage tax' because exemptions available to US producers are not offered to Europeans.
"Capacity-wise, we are certainly able to process the gallonage, but it is the load factor, as we call it, that requires more equipment."
Some people talk about the demand curve out there - supply and price, and (that) the gallonage won't shift.