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A narrow band or braid used as trimming and commonly made of lace, metallic thread, or embroidery.

[French galon, from Old French galonner, to decorate the hair with ribbons.]

gal·looned′ adj.


(Clothing & Fashion) a narrow band of cord, embroidery, silver or gold braid, etc, used on clothes and furniture
[C17: from French galon, from Old French galonner to trim with braid, of unknown origin]
galˈlooned adj



a braid or trimming of worsted, silk or rayon tinsel, gold or silver, etc.
[1595–1605; < Middle French galon, Old French galonner to adorn one's head with ribbons, derivative of gale gala]
gal•looned′, adj.
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Fain would I change with her, and give A petticoat to boot, The best and bravest that I have, All trimmed with gold galloon.
The fuel is sold on a commission basis at a profit of 2 cents per galloon.
Tenders are invited for work includes procurement and planting of: 2,766 bare root sapling oak mix; 1,482 bare root sapling cypress mix; 1,090 bare root sapling of shrubs; 2,766 3 gallon size oak mix; 1,482 3 gallon size cypress mix; 1,090 3 galloon size shrubs.
If plants are being grown on areas where they cannot trap insects, spraying of very dilute balanced orchid fertilizer, about 1/8 teaspoon per galloon water once every week is sufficient.
The packs provided can be easily fetched in the packets of 1 galloon and 10 gallons.
Author of The Great Galloon, Banks said that his experience in the theatre throughout his adult life and telling stories to young people and adults have inspired him to write his first book, the first of a series came off the press in March 2012 and the next in August of the same year.
Wet T-shirt 2-5 galloon buckets, Fill the 5 gallon buckets Contest 2-big t-shirts, with water and place a 2-funnels, 2-empty t-shirt in each bucket.
He wore the old Horeszko livery; a yellow frock coat with cutaway tails, trimmed with galloon that had yellowed with age, though no doubt it had been gold in its day.
Lavishly trimmed with stretch galloon (I've never heard of it either) lace, it's oh so smooth and seductive.
Alec Thomas, 7, Saphia Aburas, 8, Nicole Harris, 7, and Idris Galloon, 7, were all taken on a guided tour of the ground-floor ward.
The Amourette padded bra and string set is made from beautiful stretch jacquardtronic galloon lace with an elegant circular motif, while the Beautiful Dream underwired bra and string set features broderie anglaise with appliqued floral detail.
7 Cost of Fuels to End Users in Constant (1982-84) Dollars Consumer Price Index (Urban) Motor Gasoline Residential (a) (All types) Heating Oil Index Dollars Dollars 1982- Cents per Cents per 1984= per Million per Million 100 Galloon Btu Galloon Btu 1973 Average 44.