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1. Of or resembling a gallop, especially in rhythm or rapidity.
2. Developing or progressing at an accelerated rate: galloping technology.
3. Medicine Of or relating to a disease that progresses rapidly toward a fatal conclusion: galloping consumption.
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(prenominal) progressing at or as if at a gallop: galloping consumption.
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(ˈgæl ə pɪŋ)

progressing or spreading rapidly: galloping pneumonia; galloping inflation.
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سريعٌ جدا، يزداد سوءا
rychle rostoucí
rýchlo rastúci
hızla artan


[ˈgæləpɪŋ] ADJ galloping consumption (Med) → tisis f galopante
galloping inflationinflación f galopante
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adj (lit)galoppierend; at a galloping pace (lit)im Galopp; (fig)in rasendem Tempo; galloping inflationgaloppierende Inflation
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[ˈgæləpɪŋ] adj (horse) → al galoppo (fig) (inflation, pneumonia) → galoppante
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(ˈgӕləp) noun
(a period of riding at) the fastest pace of a horse. He took the horse out for a gallop; The horse went off at a gallop.
1. (of a horse) to move at a gallop. The horse galloped round the field.
2. (with through) to do, say etc (something) very quickly. He galloped through the work.
ˈgalloping adjective
increasing very quickly. galloping inflation.
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With the cry of "now," the mare tugged with all her might, but far from galloping, could scarcely move forward; she struggled with her legs, gasping and shrinking from the blows of the three whips which were showered upon her like hail.
Two mounted Frenchmen, probably adjutants, were galloping up the hill.
Several of the riders were in front and several behind, when suddenly Vronsky heard the sound of a horse galloping in the mud behind him, and he was overtaken by Mahotin on his white-legged, lop-eared Gladiator.
Another, the commander of the brigade, was galloping about bawling.
"What is that?" said the musketeer to himself; "a horse galloping, - a runaway horse, no doubt.
The white horse was still galloping in the direction of the Loire, at the extremity of which, melting into the vapors of the water, a little sail appeared, wave-balanced like a water-butterfly.
I recollect I then thought it singularly level; but now, after galloping over the Pampas, my only surprise is, what could have induced me ever to call it level.
I was one day watching a good rider, as we were galloping along at a rapid pace, and thought to myself, "Surely if the horse starts, you appear so careless on your seat, you must fall." At this moment, a male ostrich sprang from its nest right beneath the horse's nose: the young colt bounded on one side like a stag; but as for the man, all that could be said was, that he started and took fright with his horse.
"He does stay, because he does keep galloping and he has won nicely in the end.
Synopsis: "Galloping to Freedom: Reuniting the Adobe Town Appaloosas" photographically showcases the playful, protective, elegant, affectionate, loyal, and beautiful horses of Wyoming's famed Adobe Town herd.
Fast-casual sandwich franchise Jersey Mike's Subs has leased 1,800 square feet at Galloping Hill Center, becoming the latest eatery to join the diverse dining component at this popular Union County retail destination.