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Suspenders for trousers.

[Variant of gallowses, pl. of gallows.]


pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) dialect braces for trousers
[C18: variant spelling of gallowses, from gallows (in the obsolete sense: braces)]


(ˈgæl ə sɪz)

(used with a pl. v.) a pair of suspenders for trousers.
[1825–35; variant of gallows]
gal′lused, adj.


- Another name for suspenders for trousers.
See also related terms for trousers.
References in classic literature ?
He had an old battered-up slouch hat on, and a greasy blue woollen shirt, and ragged old blue jeans britches stuffed into his boot-tops, and home-knit galluses -- no, he only had one.
"It doesn't have any of the extra deco options on it, like screen printing, but we have other Galluses for that," Curran adds.
Now, if you're getting your galluses in a twist over a word you can turn for help to Canniespell.