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 (găl′əp) also gal·o·pade or gal·lo·pade (găl′ə-pād′, -päd′)
1. A lively dance in duple time, popular in the 1800s.
2. The music for this dance.

[French, from Old French, gallop, from galoper, to gallop; see gallop.]
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1. (Dancing) a 19th-century couple dance in quick duple time
2. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed for this dance
Also called: gallopade
[C19: from French; see gallop]
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(ˈgæl əp, gæˈloʊ)

1. a lively round dance in duple time.
2. music suitable for a galop.
[1830–40; < French galop; see gallop]
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References in classic literature ?
I was dancing the galop at Torlonia's with the Countess G ." Then he drew his watch from his pocket, that he might see how time sped.
"My dear fellow," replied Albert, with perfect ease of mind, "remember, for the future, Napoleon's maxim, `Never awaken me but for bad news;' if you had let me sleep on, I should have finished my galop, and have been grateful to you all my life.
You may conclude your interrupted galop, so that you will owe no ill-will to Signor Luigi, who has, indeed, throughout this whole affair acted like a gentleman."
"Madame," said the Viscount of Morcerf, advancing towards the countess, "yesterday you were so condescending as to promise me a galop; I am rather late in claiming this gracious promise, but here is my friend, whose character for veracity you well know, and he will assure you the delay arose from no fault of mine." And as at this moment the orchestra gave the signal for the waltz, Albert put his arm round the waist of the countess, and disappeared with her in the whirl of dancers.
"We have a second centre of infection in Lamorlaye and the two establishments are not near neighbours, they are several hundred metres apart as the crow flies, while the trainers have said their strings have not been in proximity during work," said France Galop's chief veterinary officer, Dr Paul-Marie Gadot.
France Galop banned Dettori, 42, for six months after he tested positive for cocaine at Longchamp last September, with his suspension reciprocated by the BHA.
Dettori met with France Galop's medical committee on Tuesday to discuss a "private matter", the resolution of which means the rider can now return to competitive action.
After being given clearance by France Galop, the BHA moved swiftly to grant Dettori his riding licence.
He had been due to make his comeback last week but was thwarted after a test carried out by France Galop produced, according to the BHA, "an irregularity."
The BHA said it is awaiting results of three additional tests taken from Dettori by France Galop's medical committee before the jockey can be reconsidered for a licence.
It all started on Friday afternoon when there was a suggestion that Dettori's exile would continue until May 26 to attend a meeting with the French racing authorities But then there was a report that France Galop said that he would be clear to ride tomorrow after all.
His solicitor Christopher Stewart-Moore said: "France Galop have today announced their finding Frankie Dettori has committed a breach of their rules relating to prohibited substances.