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intr.v. ga·lumphed, ga·lumph·ing, ga·lumphs
To move or run clumsily or heavily.

[Coined by Lewis Carroll in his poem "Jabberwocky" in Through the Looking-Glass, perhaps as a blend of gallop and triumph.]


clumsy; inelegant
References in classic literature ?
The Beaver went simply galumphing about, At seeing the Butcher so shy: And even the Baker, though stupid and stout, Made an effort to wink with one eye.
He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back.
But I love my strapping nearly-nineyear-old daughter - from the ridiculous size of her galumphing feet to the wild, impossible-to-comb curls on the top of her head.
One baby was separated from the rest by a jackal, but its mother trumpeted the intruder away and the little guy came galumphing back.
Sibelius's third symphony is protean: its opening galumphing bass line suggests a genial work but when the horns and strings enter it sounds heroic and then switches to something more ambiguous.
Let's be honest, the power industry, like a big galumphing, corporate Del Boy, has ordered millions of these silly gadgets that now need to be installed pronto; the stupefying PS11bn cost of which, by the way, would also pay for 20 stateof-the-art hospitals.
Helen Sherman as Octavian has the task of combining teenage lusts and aristocratic dignity in a cross-gender trousers role, then adding a comic servant girl disguise to con the egregious Ochs - a lovely galumphing caricature
A few minutes later, Leonardo DiCaprio's unsurprising best actor win seemed to seal the deal: Surely a best picture victory for this galumphing white elephant of a movie was inevitable.
The buildings we discover here blow apart any idea that this was solely an architecture of monotonous galumphing boxes.
To wit: This year's festival-goers witnessed such images as a five-foot dildo emerging through a glory hole, a sad rhinoceros puppet galumphing across the stage on a chain, and blood spraying against a wall and seeping into a snow-white carpet.
About the work in radio performance, we come across words such as fluidity, freedom, life, fantasy, imaginative and poetry; words recurring in opinions of its life on the stage include earthbound, slow, emasculated and mechanical; and about its (theatre and) television manifestations, critics use the words loss, spoiled, dulled, galumphing and flawed.
Not that it's a competition - but in order to keep coming out ahead in the race for tourists and audience then galumphing sexism is definitely something for regional event organisers to avoid.