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Noun1.galvaniser - a skilled worker who coats iron or steel with zinc
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
2.galvaniser - a leader who stimulates and excites people to action
leader - a person who rules or guides or inspires others
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La conference est " une occasion cruciale " pour " discuter de strategies et galvaniser l'appui en faveur d'investissements et d'initiatives economiques potentiels susceptibles d'etre rendus possibles par un accord de paix ", a indique dimanche la Maison Blanche dans un communique conjoint avec le Bahrein.
TUESDAY WHILE SHE SLEEPS Sheffield outfit's take on metallic hardcore is far from commercial, but they just keep getting bigger and play Glasgow's SWG3 Galvaniser's Yard tonight.
Ce dernier devra donc batailler durementpour arracher l'investiture de son parti alors que sa candidature [beaucoup moins que]va galvaniser beaucoup d'opposition au sein de l'APC[beaucoup plus grand que] si l'on en croit ChetaNwanze du cabinet SBM Intelligence et que certains poids lourds qui l'avaient soutenu en 2015 mais qui n'avaient pas ete recompenses,convoitent cette fois-ci le fauteuil presidentiel.
(NYSE: AZZ) has acquired all assets and outstanding shares of Illinois, US-based galvaniser Rogers Brothers Company to expand AZZ's metal coating services and geographic reach in the Midwest, US, the company said.
Galvaniser BE Wedge Holdings has appointed two new board directors as part of its ongoing expansion plans.
Mais comme souvent, la mauvaise nouvelle semble galvaniser les troupes rouges et blanches.
Le Wall Street Journal ecrit ainsi que ces affaires embarrassantes risquent de porter leur ombre sur l'agenda du second mandat du president Obama et donner a ses adversaires republicains l'occasion de galvaniser leurs bases electorales en preparation aux elections legislatives de mi-mandat de 2014.
Galvaniser Stuart Gill, 47, from Middlesbrough but living in Scarborough, said: "I might be watching it, probably with my mum.
Metal spraying also means that no fettling is required, it gives Professional Coatings control over the quality of the finish and can be scheduled to suit its own timescales, rather than relying on a third party galvaniser. One of the key advantages of metal spraying over hot dip galvanising is that it is a cold process, which means there is no distortion of the railings or any risk of 'spikes' on the handrails, a basic critical requirement in the painting and coating of handrails and balconies from a safety point of view.
In July 2008, the group bought international galvaniser and fabricator Zinkinvent, which has substantial operations in Europe and the USA.
AWM is one of nine regional development agencies set up by the government to act as a galvaniser of economic growth in the West Midlands.