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An instrument used to detect, measure, and determine the direction of small electric currents by means of mechanical effects produced by a current-carrying coil in a magnetic field.

gal′va·no·met′ric (-nō-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
gal′va·nom′e·try n.
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The dynamics of the structuring process are similar to the EB variant, but in the case of LB the swiping is achieved either by galvanometric mirror beam deflection or by rapid movement of the metallic workpiece [63].
It comes standard with an XY galvanometric scanner.
Operating at frame rates of those of a galvanometric scanner, yet with the very high timing accuracy and channel resolution necessary for accurate metabolic imaging, B&H's new single photon counting fast-acquisition FLIM is suited to both fast FLIM and to precision FLIM applications.
Despite intensive studies on nanosized metallic inclusions, a systematic research analyzing those nanoinclusions with respect to electrophysical and galvanometric properties is required.
A sample arm basically consists of four major components: a collimator, two galvanometric mirrors, intermediary optics, and an objective lens.
The C[O.sub.2] laser system used was a 60 W Synrad Firestar system fitted with a galvanometric scanning head producing a FWHM spot size of 171 [micro]m.
Historically, 3 types of oculometry were used: electrooculographic, galvanometric and the corneal reflection techniques.
Galvanometric scan mirrors give flexible control of the lasers, enabling directional programming in a point-and-click manner, a predefined pattern or a random point selection order.
As illustrated in Figure 3, the experimental setup was configured with a Q-switched Nd:YAG diode pumped solid state laser (QL) with 1064 nm wavelength, a QL controller, a galvanometric laser mirror scanner (LMS), a laser shock sensor system, and a computer with a LabVIEW platform for data acquisition and synchronization control.