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gam 1

1. A social visit or friendly interchange, especially between whalers or other seafarers.
2. A herd of whales.
v. gammed, gam·ming, gams
To hold a visit, especially while at sea.
To visit with.

[Perhaps short for gammon or variant of game.]

gam 2

n. Slang
A person's leg.

[Probably from Polari, from Italian gamba, from Late Latin, hoof; see gambol.]
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1. (Fishing) a school of whales
2. (Fishing) nautical an informal visit between crew members of whalers
3. NZ a flock of large sea birds
vb, gams, gamming or gammed
4. (Fishing) (intr) (of whales) to form a school
5. (Nautical Terms) nautical (of members of the crews of whalers) to visit (each other) informally
6. (tr) US to visit or exchange visits with
[C19: perhaps dialect variant of game1]


slang a leg, esp a woman's shapely leg
[C18: probably from Old Northern French gambe or Lingua Franca gambe; see jamb]
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n. Slang.
a person's leg, esp. a woman's well-shaped leg.
[1775–85; probably < Polari < Italian gamba leg; see jamb]



n., v. gammed, gam•ming. n.
1. a herd or school of whales.
2. a social meeting or visit between whalers.
3. (of whales) to assemble into a herd or school.
4. (of whalers) to participate in a gam.
[1840–50, Amer.; perhaps dial. variant of game1]
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 a herd or school of whales; also whaling ships in company.
Examples: gam of porpoises; of whales; of whaling ships, 1850.
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Past participle: gammed
Gerund: gamming

I gam
you gam
he/she/it gams
we gam
you gam
they gam
I gammed
you gammed
he/she/it gammed
we gammed
you gammed
they gammed
Present Continuous
I am gamming
you are gamming
he/she/it is gamming
we are gamming
you are gamming
they are gamming
Present Perfect
I have gammed
you have gammed
he/she/it has gammed
we have gammed
you have gammed
they have gammed
Past Continuous
I was gamming
you were gamming
he/she/it was gamming
we were gamming
you were gamming
they were gamming
Past Perfect
I had gammed
you had gammed
he/she/it had gammed
we had gammed
you had gammed
they had gammed
I will gam
you will gam
he/she/it will gam
we will gam
you will gam
they will gam
Future Perfect
I will have gammed
you will have gammed
he/she/it will have gammed
we will have gammed
you will have gammed
they will have gammed
Future Continuous
I will be gamming
you will be gamming
he/she/it will be gamming
we will be gamming
you will be gamming
they will be gamming
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been gamming
you have been gamming
he/she/it has been gamming
we have been gamming
you have been gamming
they have been gamming
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been gamming
you will have been gamming
he/she/it will have been gamming
we will have been gamming
you will have been gamming
they will have been gamming
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been gamming
you had been gamming
he/she/it had been gamming
we had been gamming
you had been gamming
they had been gamming
I would gam
you would gam
he/she/it would gam
we would gam
you would gam
they would gam
Past Conditional
I would have gammed
you would have gammed
he/she/it would have gammed
we would have gammed
you would have gammed
they would have gammed
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Noun1.gam - a herd of whales
herd - a group of wild mammals of one species that remain together: antelope or elephants or seals or whales or zebra
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She has a Gam, a thing so utterly unknown to all other ships that they never heard of the name even; and if by chance they should hear of it, they only grin at it, and repeat gamesome stuff about spouters and blubber-boilers, and such like pretty exclamations.
Gam. Noun --A social meeting of two (or more) Whale-ships, generally on a cruising-ground; when, after exchanging hails, they exchange visits by boats' crews: the two captains remaining, for the time, on board of one ship, and the two chief mates on the other.
It was a fine gam we had, and they were all trumps --every soul on board.
"To gam," among the sealing-schooners, is a substitute for the verbs "to visit," "to gossip." It expresses the garrulity of the sea, and is a pleasant break in the monotony of the life.
I'll join you down in the cabin, say in ten minutes, and we can have a real gam. But anyway, whatever your game is, I'm with you.
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