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 (gă-mā′, găm′ā)
1. A variety of grape grown in France that is used to make red wine, especially Beaujolais.
2. A light red wine made from this grape.

[French, after Gamay, a village of east-central France.]


1. (Brewing) a purple-coloured grape variety native to the Beaujolais region of France
2. (Brewing) the vine on which this grape is grown
3. (Brewing) the wine made from this grape


(gæˈmeɪ, ˈgæm eɪ)

1. a grape grown esp. in the Beaujolais region of France and in N California.
2. the dry red wine made from this grape.
[1945–50; < French, after Gamay, a village in St.-Aubin commune (Côte-d'Or), France]
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The group, headed by its president Floriano Gamay, outlined the reasons why it makes more sense to hold the festival in December.
Main Tazia Procession was taken out from Alaf Shah Haveli and concluded at Karbla Gamay Shah after passing through traditional routes, including inside Mochi Gate, Rang Mahal, Masjid Wazir Khan, Paniwala Talab, Taranum Chowk and Bhatti Gate.
A number of incidents took place in and around Lahore in past 10 years, including in Garhi Shahu, Old Anarkali, Data Darbar Complex, Youhanabad Town, Bedian Road, Karbala Gamay Shah, Bhati chowk and Anarkali Bazaar.
The 2015 Beaujolais Gamay wines were said to be the AOC's best since the 1940s.
The CTO said that special diversion plan had also been prepared to facilitate the people, main procession regarding Youm-e-Ali will be taken out from Mobarak Haveli inside Akbari Gate and conclude at Karbala Gamay Shah after passing through Chowk Nawab Sahib, Chohta Mufti Baqar, Chowk Taranum, Hakeeman Bazar and Bhatti Chowk.
For the small barangay category, Red, Pink and White Orchids were awarded to Pinascohan, Lonoy and Hinapu Gamay, respectively.
Gamay Noir, Rotberger, Pinotage and Regent were generally among the most cold-hardy varieties with the lowest [LT.
based Gamay Foods, notes that cheese is showing up everywhere on the foodservice side, where flavor trends often start.
Later, the DG visited Karbala Gamay Shah, Bhatti Gate, Anarkali, Nisar Haveeli, Mochi Gate and other routes of Muharram's processions in Lahore and directed District Emergency Officer Dr Ahmad Raza to keep vigil on the situation.
Consumers often expect unique flavors and product line extensions in retailers' own brands, maintains Cary Gammons, director of sales and marketing for Gamay Flavors, New Berlin, Wis.
It's made from the red gamay grape which was outlawed by the Duke of Burgundy, Philippe the Bold, in 1395 who described it as a "very bad and disloyal plant" that was occupying land that could be used for pinot noir.
Coming from the gamay grape, they are high on fresh acidity but low on tannin and this excellent example also includes a polished - almost mineral-based - savoury edge.