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gam·ba·do 1

n. pl. gam·ba·does or gam·ba·dos
1. A low leap of a horse in which all four feet leave the ground.
2. A leaping or gamboling movement.

[Alteration (influenced by gambado) of French gambade, from Italian gambata, from Old Italian; see gambol.]

gam·ba·do 2

n. pl. gam·ba·does or gam·ba·dos
1. Either of a pair of protective leather gaiters attached to a saddle.
2. A rider's legging.

[From Italian gamba, leg, from Old Italian; see gambol.]
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n, pl -dos or -does
1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) either of two leather holders for the feet attached to a horse's saddle-like stirrups
2. (Clothing & Fashion) either of a pair of leggings
[C17: from Italian gamba leg, from Late Latin: leg, hoof; see jamb]


(ɡæmˈbeɪdəʊ) or


n, pl -bados, -badoes or -bades
1. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) dressage another word for curvet
2. a leap or gambol; caper
[C19: from French gambade spring (of a horse), ultimately from Spanish or Italian gamba leg]
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(gæmˈbeɪ doʊ)

n., pl. -dos, -does.
1. a large protective boot or gaiter fixed to a saddle instead of a stirrup.
2. any long gaiter or legging.
[1650–60; < Italian gamb(a) leg + -ado -ade1]


(gæmˈbeɪ doʊ)

also gam•bade

(-ˈbeɪd, -ˈbɑd)

n., pl. -ba•dos, -ba•does also -bades.
1. a spring or leap by a horse.
2. caper; antic.
[1810–20; probably a pseudo-Sp alter. of French gambade a leap or spring]
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