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also gam·bir  (găm′bîr)
A resinous astringent extract obtained from the leaves of a woody vine (Uncaria gambir) of Malaysia and Indonesia, used medicinally and formerly for tanning and dyeing.

[Malay gambir.]


(ˈɡæmbɪə) or


(Elements & Compounds) an astringent resinous substance obtained from a rubiaceous tropical Asian woody climbing plant, Uncaria gambir (or U. gambier): used as an astringent and tonic and in tanning
[C19: from Malay]


or gam•bir

(ˈgæm bɪər)

an astringent extract obtained from a tropical Asian shrub, Uncaria gambir, of the madder family, used esp. in medicine, dyeing, and tanning.
[1820–30; < Malay]
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