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Noun1.gambling game - a game that involves gamblinggambling game - a game that involves gambling  
gambling, gaming, play - the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize); "his gambling cost him a fortune"; "there was heavy play at the blackjack table"
game - a contest with rules to determine a winner; "you need four people to play this game"
fan tan, fantan - a Chinese gambling game; a random number of counters are placed under a bowl and you gamble on how many will be left (0, 1, 2, or 3 modulo 4)
lottery, drawing - players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots
craps - a gambling game played with two dice; a first throw of 7 or 11 wins and a first throw of 2, 3, or 12 loses and a first throw of any other number must be repeated to win before a 7 is thrown, which loses the bet and the dice
roulette - a gambling game in which players bet on which compartment of a revolving wheel a small ball will come to rest in
banking game - any gambling game in which bets are laid against the gambling house or the dealer
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In a row, against the opposite wall, were the gambling games. The crap-table was deserted.
Or he engages with his comrades in games of dexterity, agility and strength; or in gambling games in which everything is put at hazard with a recklessness seldom witnessed in civilized life.
Aquino's alleged gambling habit he was said to play the coin gambling game cara y cruz could be among the motives for the attack, said Maj.
Summary: Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 3 (ANI): In a chilling incident in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, a woman has alleged that her husband permitted his friends to gangrape her after he lost a gambling game in which he had put her on stake.
Three men have been sentenced to a year in jail and ordered to pay a Dh100,000 fine each for allegedly organising a gambling game in a public place.
The mayoral race is not a sporting match or a gambling game, but the winner in this town was decided by the flip of a coin.
In the First Information Report (FIR) registered with the police, the victim Mehwish said her husband, Ali Raza, is a drug addict and gambler who, on Saturday night, entered into a gambling game with three of his friends.
Around 8 a.m., elements from Police Community Precinct 3 were conducting simultaneous anti-criminality operations in Barangay 176, when a concerned citizen reported about an ongoing illegal gambling game inside Galgana' s house along Phase 4.
The group's gambling game, Kala- peela , would attract drunkards, drug addicts and anti- social elements.
Teetotum was originally a gambling game involving a spinning top that was played in Victorian pubs, but soldiers began to fashion the spinners out of their bullets and play the game during the long stretches of time between fighting.
" During a string of strained Facebook'There's nothing place stop it happening' exchanges between the pair, the 'friend' denied and then admitted that he used the number to play the gambling game.