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1. The hock of a horse or other animal.
2. A frame used by butchers for hanging carcasses by the legs.

[French dialectal gamberel, from Old North French, from gambe, leg, from Late Latin gamba, hoof; see gambol.]


1. (Zoology) the hock of a horse or similar animal
2. a frame of wood or metal shaped like a horse's hind leg, used by butchers for suspending carcasses of meat
3. (Architecture) short for gambrel roof
[C16: from Old Northern French gamberel, from gambe leg]


(ˈgæm brəl)

1. the hock of an animal, esp. of a horse.
2. Also called gam′brel stick`. a wood or metal device for suspending a slaughtered animal.
[1540–50; < Old North French gamberel, akin to French jambier legging, jambe leg]
hockshin, gambrel - The underside of the thigh is the hockshin or gambrel.
See also related terms for thigh.
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Noun1.gambrel - a gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steepergambrel - a gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steeper
gable roof, saddle roof, saddleback roof, saddleback - a double sloping roof with a ridge and gables at each end
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I turned about, and, addressing Gambrel earnestly, entreated him to "hang on to the wheel.
Or the second buck, a smaller eight-pointer stashed in the shade, waiting his turn on the gambrel.
1) Cut the hind legs between the Achilles heel and leg bone, slide a gambrel through the slits, and hoist to eye-level.
HONORABLE MENTION: Chatham Gambrel in Cape Cod, Mass.
Self-care is the combination of behaviors a mental health professional takes to decrease anxiety, emotional reactions, and stress that he or she experiences when working with clients (Snodgrass, 2014; Tan & Castillo, 2014; Williams, Richardson, Moore, Eubanks Gambrel, & Keeling, 2010).
Ben Gambrel, vice president and general manager of Bindicator, said, "The Roto PRO is unlike any other paddlewheel available today.
The Barn is approximately 36-feet wide by 91-feet long with a conventional gambrel roof.
Crimmins and his wife, Helen of Richmond, VA; his daughter, Kathleen Crimmins and her partner, Georgia Gambrel of Port St.
The gambrel holding the pig was made by a regular contributor to Catholic Insight, Steve Mason.
We chose a gambrel roof, which yielded more upstairs living space than a steeply-pitched roof.
A multi-faceted approach describes the voice, function, and beauty of each tree or family of trees chosen to represent North American trees of the west Twelve sections in four chapters present the Coastal Redwood, Pacific Madrone, Old Growth Forest, California Sycamore, Mexican Elder, California Bay Laurel, Incense Cedar, Mountain Mahogany, Sequoia, Quaking Aspen, Bristlecone Pine, and Gambrel Oak/ Western Serviceberry tree groups.
Dead deer were hung by the back legs, which were spread using a gambrel.