game misconduct

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: misconduct - (ice hockey) a penalty that suspends a player for the remainder of a game (but allows the team to send in a substitute for the suspended player)
hockey game, ice hockey, hockey - a game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of six skaters each who try to knock a flat round puck into the opponents' goal with angled sticks
penalty - (games) a handicap or disadvantage that is imposed on a competitor (or a team) for an infraction of the rules of the game
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That's when the officials got together and refs Dan O'Halloran and Eric Furlatt called the major and a game misconduct, giving San Jose a five-minute power play.
Still angry about an earlier delay of game call, on the buzzer Hackett was to receive a game misconduct penalty for abuse of official.
Braves' Alexander Nergaard sent for an early shower on a five plus game misconduct for the slashing call on Blissett which brought a penalty shot.
Flames had Brennan Yadlowski dismissed on a game misconduct for abuse of officials.
Johnson was assessed a minor penalty for slashing and a major penalty and game misconduct for boarding.
The Giants forward was initially given a game misconduct after abusing officials in Saturday's clash with Cardiff Devils.
Billingham found themselves on a five-minute penalty kill in the 30th minute when defenceman Andy Finn was sent for an early shower with a game misconduct for slashing.
Forward Matt Cooke was hit with a major boarding penalty and game misconduct, Chris Kunitz got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and Evgeni Malkin got into just the fourth fight of his career.
48.4 Game Misconduct- An automatic game misconduct penalty shall be assessed whenever a major penalty is assessed under this rule.
The Giants lost Sean McMorrow and Colin Shields to game misconduct calls with McMorrow losing his cool and showing petulance towards the referee while Shields was unlucky to exit for high sticking, replays showing it was the puck and not his stick that hit the Stingrays player.
A night to forget for the Vipers ended with Campbell receiving a game misconduct penalty.
Fortunately the Devils steadied the ship in a goalless second period despite losing defenceman Regan Darby with a game misconduct for fighting along with Coventry's Graham Belak.