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A rooster trained for cockfighting.


(Individual Sports, other than specified) a cock bred and trained for fighting. Also called: fighting cock



a rooster of a fighting breed or one bred and trained for fighting.
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Noun1.gamecock - a cock bred and trained for fightinggamecock - a cock bred and trained for fighting
cock - adult male bird
2.gamecock - someone who is a very fierce fighter
battler, belligerent, combatant, fighter, scrapper - someone who fights (or is fighting)


[ˈgeɪmkɒk] Ngallo m de pelea
References in classic literature ?
We have been privileged," he cried, strutting about like a gamecock, "to be present at one of the typical decisive battles of history--the battles which have determined the fate of the world.
The bugles called to each other like brazen gamecocks.
Partners Nelson Uy and Dong Chung of Cagayan Valley took the early lead in the 2018 Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association (LGBA) Cocker of the Year race at the Pasay City Cockpit last week.
Contract award notice: Provision of nhs practice support to gamecock barracks bramcote, Warwickshire
Eleven participants dispute the crown today in the Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association (LGBA) four-cock finals at the Pasay City Cockpit.
In the appeal response, it states: "At the time of your request, information relating to the plans to relocate the personnel from Gamecock Barracks was scheduled to be made public in November 2017.
Thanks to a partnership between practicing and emerging student affairs professionals, the University of South Carolina's Gamecock Gateway residential bridge program gained data that spurred an array of program enhancements.
com)-- Manny's Neighborhood Grille in West Ashley will celebrate this year's Super Bowl with NFL player Victor Hampton of the Baltimore Ravens and former Gamecock.
Gavin spent a month preparing at Gamecock Barracks in Nuneaton, where he completed the assault course.
When it came to the ambiguous competitors whom they didn't know much about, participants competed aggressively against their rival on eBay, but not so much if the bidding occurred on Gamecock Auctions.
Receiver Bruce Ellington also plays point guard on the Gamecock basketball team.
You can buy three bare-root plants of either the Black Gamecock, Colorific, or Bold Pretender variety for just pounds 8.