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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - the teacher in charge of games at a school
school teacher, schoolteacher - a teacher in a school below the college level
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Your report states that he became head of PE at Whitgift public school, in Croydon, but omits the fact that for a short period, during his Llanelli days, he served as PE and games-master at the then Ardwyn Grammar School, Aberystwyth.
There are several subjects including mysterious games-master 'Ludo' who eludes capture and oddball master-magician and killer, Joseph Swann, who comes across like Paul Daniels on a murderous spree.
Sheffield, United Kingdom, September 07, 2011 --(, a leading publisher of massively multiplayer online games, today announced the start of closed beta for CTRacer 2; the first truly realistic and adrenaline-pumping free-to-play online racing game.