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Frolicsome; playful.

game′some·ly adv.
game′some·ness n.


full of merriment; sportive
ˈgamesomely adv
ˈgamesomeness n
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Again and again to such gamesome talk, the dexterous dart is repeated, the spear returning to its master like a greyhound held in skilful leash.
In their gamesome but still serious way, one whispers to the other --"Jack, he's robbed a widow;" or,"Joe, do you mark him; he's a bigamist;" or,"Harry lad, I guess he's the adulterer that broke jail in old Gomorrah, or belike, one of the missing murderers from Sodom." Another runs to read the bill that's stuck against the spile upon the wharf to which the ship is moored, offering five hundred gold coins for the apprehension of a parricide, and containing a description of his person.
Once he attempted it by starvation; but, while the wretched man was on the point of famishing, the monster seemed to feed upon his heart, and to thrive and wax gamesome, as if it were his sweetest and most congenial diet.
The frustration would have been less exasperating if it had been less gamesome and boyish: a serious assault of which the newspaper reporter "can aver that it endangered the learned gentleman's ribs," or can respectfully bear witness to "the soles of that gentleman's boots having been visible above the railing," has perhaps more consolations attached to it.
"Moreover, I tell thee thy speech is witty and gamesome as any I ever heard in all my life."
The veteran is a useful speedster at best and remains on a lenient mark after his encouraging second to Gamesome at Thirsk.
MIDGLEY MAGIC Trainer Paul Midgley had a one-two in the 5f handicap at Beverley, with Desert Ace holding off Gamesome. "It's a bit bittersweet as we've had the other lad longer without getting a win into him, but we definitely can't complain," said the trainer.
Away they sped with gamesome minds, And souls untouch'd by sin; Like sportive deer they cours'd about, And shouted as they ran, Turning to mirth all things of earth, As only boyhood can.
GAMESOME has a long losing run to break, but has run well over York's six furlongs before and should do so again in the Unibet Sprint Handicap (3.50).
SANDOWN: 1.55 Harbour Master, 2.30 Epsom Icon, 3.05 Repton, 3.40 Fire Fighting, 4.15 Gamesome, 4.50 Wind In My Sails, 5.25 Icebuster.
GAMESOME is worth a play in the Betfred Supports Jack Berry House Handicap at Pontefract.