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Requiring fertilization to reproduce; sexual.


(Biology) (esp of reproduction) requiring the fusion of gametes; sexual
[C19: from Greek gamikos of marriage; see gamete]


(ˈgæm ɪk)

1. requiring fertilization for reproduction; sexual.
2. capable of developing only after fertilization.
[1855–60; < Greek gamikós of marriage =gám(os) marriage, wedding + -ikos -ic]


var. of -gamous: cleistogamic.
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s idea of gamic mode, which he calls a "reactionary stance" to bind gaming within textual history's epistemological boundaries, Jeremy Antley argues for an "interoperability" between history and games, and states that the authors' concerns with the specificities of scholarly discourse stems from their fears, as professional historians, of being displaced as "certified authorities.
Contract award notice: Supply, Implementation and maintenance of an ils, Web-based documentary portal with digital library, Sgtp and rfid for the gamic library network.
The gamic elements of behavioral engagement tools, such as surge pricing, the conflation of real-time and predictive demand, and blind passenger acceptance, illustrate the multifaceted ways that Uber influences the relationship between supply and demand.
Although the game immerses the player in an historically accurate story about managing an Elizabethan theater company, this immersion works solely at the level of narrative representation, for the gamic gesture of moving one's counter from one space to another conveys the sense that putting on a play was and is primarily a challenge of geographical mobility.
HNVs also may need training on how to manufacture products gamic to U.
The Majapahit, Pajajaran, and Sriwijaya kingdoms work together as the units of an ideal realm in the configuration of Nusantara Online as both a gamic environment and an ideological space.