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Requiring fertilization to reproduce; sexual.
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(Biology) (esp of reproduction) requiring the fusion of gametes; sexual
[C19: from Greek gamikos of marriage; see gamete]
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(ˈgæm ɪk)

1. requiring fertilization for reproduction; sexual.
2. capable of developing only after fertilization.
[1855–60; < Greek gamikós of marriage =gám(os) marriage, wedding + -ikos -ic]


var. of -gamous: cleistogamic.
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However, experience with gamic representation, statements from producers, as well as fan documentation of their own readings of the texts, can be brought together to point to what we might call the dominant reading of a character's sexuality or gender/sex.
have advocated for a "gamic mode of history," a novel kind of historiography that presents its arguments as scholarly videogames, making use of the versatility of the software to overcome the limitations of the textual form.
[See image 1.] Although the game immerses the player in an historically accurate story about managing an Elizabethan theater company, this immersion works solely at the level of narrative representation, for the gamic gesture of moving one's counter from one space to another conveys the sense that putting on a play was and is primarily a challenge of geographical mobility.
2007), que vont naitre plusieurs groupes phares de la fin des annees 1990 et du debut des annees 2000 : Dubmatique, La Gamic, LMDS, Muzion, Rainmen, Sans Pression, etc.
HNVs also may need training on how to manufacture products gamic to U.S.
Analysing various "gamic" media forms, ranging from development in the 1980s of SIMNET, the principal simulation networking project funded by the U.S.
Talking to private television channel, he said that people are best judge to make accountability through power of the ballot and added that collective wisdom never deceive by the political gamic and people are more aware about the performance and services of the PPP government.