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An often homeless boy who roams about the streets; an urchin.



(ˈɡæmɪn; French ɡamɛ̃)
a street urchin; waif
[from French]


(ˈgæm ɪn)

1. a neglected boy left to run about the streets; street urchin.
[1830–40; < French]
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Noun1.gamin - (sometimes offensive) a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets
derogation, disparagement, depreciation - a communication that belittles somebody or something
guttersnipe, street urchin - a child who spends most of his time in the streets especially in slum areas


[ˈgæmɛ̃] Ngolfillo m


References in classic literature ?
In encounters with guards and patrols he displayed the keenness of a detective and the valor of a gamin.
A colourless, continuous wall ran down one flank of it, interrupted at intervals by dull-hued and dirt-stained doors, all shut fast and featureless save for the chalk scribbles of some passing gamin.
Tattered gamins on the right made a furious assault on the gravel heap.
A few gamins, however, were around, in their eyes a suppressed eagerness in anticipation of wonderful and exciting things to happen.
Then quiet again, though the gamins had startled and listened, like young deer, at the sound.
After this, I think, he was as bewitching as the laddie in the barrel to her - Was he not always a laddie in the barrel himself, climbing in for apples while we all stood around, like gamins, waiting for a bite?
Charles was poor and ugly, derided by Genevese gamins, and not acceptable in drawing-rooms.
It's more Tinkerbell than pixie crop but this gamin gorgeousness is in our style books as one of the must-have short looks of the season.
Eager to know more about what could be done to help teaching artists with these challenges, Kidd went to the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts (RISCA) and lined up a $29,900 grant from the Rhode Island Foundation for the brand new Rhode Island Teaching Artists Center (RITAC), to be housed and administered at the Gamin, under the leadership of program director Arik Beatty.
Des adolescents vetus aux couleurs du Jihad islamique simulent la capture d'un gamin en uniforme israelien.
Le Geordie Howay the lads - Allez les gars Toon Army - L'armee Toon Whey aye man - Ben oui Stottie - Le pain Geordie Bairn - Gamin Tara pet - Salut How ye gannin - cava OOH LA LA Language students and teacher Martin Scott at Kenton Academy supporting the French players UN, DEUX, TROIS Laura Robson, Sarah Elliott and Leanne Riley TOON LOVE Liam Trick, and Conor Scott BREAD OF HEAVEN David Harrison, Jordon Robinson and Ryan Lewis ZUT ALORS Kieran Ferguson NO FLAGGING Mark Dodd LE STARS Debuchy, Marveaux, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Yanga-Mbiwa, Haidara and Gouffran
And when, for example, the Tramp is struck in the head by a falling beam in the shanty where he and the gamin (Paulette Goddard) hope to find domestic bliss, or he dives head first into knee-deep water, the spectator's laughter helps to establish the audience's distance from him, even as they generally sympathize with him as a victimized laborer.