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also gam·ey  (gā′mē)
adj. gam·i·er, gam·i·est
a. Having the flavor or odor of game, especially game that is slightly spoiled.
b. Ill-smelling; rank.
2. Showing an unyielding spirit; plucky: a gamy little mare that loved to run.
a. Corrupt; tainted: "those considerable forces in America that appear to be tired of the old politics (particularly the gamy municipal variety)" (Tom Wicker).
b. Sordid; seamy.
c. Sexually suggestive; racy.

gam′i·ly adv.
gam′i·ness n.
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Noun1.gaminess - behavior or language bordering on indelicacy
indelicacy - the trait of being indelicate and offensive
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The spices and stow cooking eliminate the gaminess of the meat, something that will please even those who don't enjoy wild game.
'This enhances the gaminess of the lamb,' said Fores.
What remains is the beefy flavor and its strong gaminess has been eliminated.
Seductive floral aromas lead to a palate of luscious black, blue, and red-plum fruit, with chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of attractive gaminess.
Another woman shared that Chocolate-Raspberry is perfect for removing the gaminess from venison.
Many days there was a pan of salt water with a carcass of some wild animal soaking to "draw out the gaminess."
Meaty and firm with a natural-tasting gaminess, the sausage was mild with a slightly salty finish.
In Northern Europe, spices became popular as a way of not only enlivening boring, starchy dishes, but as a way of often hiding the 'gaminess' of not-quite-edible meats and fish.
"People do say it's close to turkey,'' Tibbott said, noting that the company has worked to achieve the hint of gaminess that distinguishes turkey from chicken.
The vines, all Pommard clones, produce grapes exhibiting a "gaminess" that Bradley said pairs well with wood from Bertrange forest and in Dargaud & Jaegle barrels.
The Faustino V Reserva 2005 has a typical riojan nose of vanilla, oak, sweet berries and a hint of gaminess. Its ultra-smooth taste contains flavours of plums and cherries.